Thursday, May 7, 2009

I beg of you!

^Not an actual player, it was set up by me.

"I'm poor. Can anyone spare some pang?"

"Please let me win this round?"

There are often players who are willing to beg to strangers to get what they want. A common situation is when they create a shop full of underrated items on sale for a high price. This is an easy way to get things for free with hardly any effort. Another situation is when they ask you to lose the game on purpose for their own benefit. It's a good will to be courteous towards these people asking for help, but the question becomes: Is begging the right thing to do toward the community?

Well, it's clear to say that begging is very wrong and should be avoided at all cost. It even goes further to become an official rule to not harass or beg to other players that could ruin their enjoyment.

Now, I know it's annoying, but they must be handled properly without putting your own level below them. A simply way would be to ignore them instead of getting yourself involved to change their ways. If they become persistent, report them and let the moderators handle the rest while you go back enjoying your game. If you retaliate toward beggars negatively, you are no better than them at all. They will have to learn how to properly ask people for help without interfering towards people.

Whether they will understand it or not later on, almost anything cannot be free unless you work hard to earn it. You will have to get out there and earn it like the rest of us. If you think about it, the real world and Pangya can be very much alike.