Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RRoD Comes

It happens when you least expect it. My friend came over yesterday and we decided to play some Guitar Hero that we both haven't played in ages. As soon as we loaded up the first song, the screen became completely frozen. No problem, I'll restart the system. Then *BAM* another one bites the dust. ♪

So I went online to see about getting my replacement for the 3rd time so far. I inputted the service number located on the back of the console and it shows that I have to pay $100 for the repairs. I got away with my previous replacements for free, but it looks like this time I may have to pay. I have another option to call them which it wouldn't hurt to try and see if I can get a replacement for free again.

If I have to pay, I won't return it immediately though. I'll do it whenever I feel in the mood to play that console again.