Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gametrailer Commentary

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA
PSP - 7-02-09

0:02: SEGA~
0:17: Yosh chibi Miku is in there
0:23: No pantsu opportunity...
0:27: lol that Miku tried to insert a leek
0:31: Kissu!
0:41: Oh so gameplay is matching the according buttons on screen? Pretty simple
1:37: What?! Miku in wedding outfit?!
1:44: Space Channel 5 outfit!
1:45: Even Valkyria Chronicle outfit too?!!
1:52: Who the fack are those other two Characters?
1:56: That's nice, the new Megurine Luka is in the game
2:57: Coming out July 2nd? Can't wait to bu... download it!
3:01: Figurine comes with it? I kind of want it.

Muscle March
Wiiware - 5-26-09 Japan

0:06: >_<>
Pangya: Fantasy Golf
PSP - 6-26-09

0:02: Yeah suggestive theme... because of Kooh
0:05: They should use opening theme instead to make the trailer more exciting rather than mello starlight. I like starlight, but not for a promotion trailer like this.
0:09: You spin me right round, Arin! :D
0:27: Looking decent so far
0:36: That is a lot of Characters to play with
0:46: Morning? Does that change depending on your PSP time setting?
0:46: What's funny is that Pangya USA calls it Comet and PSP calls it Aztec. That's going to confuse even more people who are not familiar with the game
0:47: "With Exclusive PSP Content" That can be interpreted in many ways. Because there are plenty of exclusive content in the PSP game that you don't see in the PC version.
0:58: Quma using Magical Clubs lol
1:01: LOL voice mess up! Titanboo does not sound like a girl.