Thursday, May 14, 2009

JPN Update (5-14-09)

Today, Japan will be receiving their 6th motion item for Cecilia. You can either buy the BlankFire-01/02 (59 cookie) for that gives Accuracy +1 and Spin +1, or you can buy BlankFire -03 Camo (250k pang) that gives only Accuracy +1. Just like the other pang motion items, you have to be at least a Semi-Pro E level to purchase it. Both pang and cookie version all have the same effect too. Got to give props for Japan on that one.

The effect is the same as any other motion items that I've explained before. Cecilia's new motion item came just in time for their new drop hole event where you can gain two items instead of one.

Lucia will receive her Piano outfit set that the other girls received back in Season 3. Lucia is catching up with her re-released rares and items. She is still lacking a selection of skirt outfits, but the Piano outfit has to be an entire dress like everyone else. The outfit has a nice piano layout shown on the bottom and it comes equipped with a huge white ribbon on her back. The hat has a music note on it for a nice touch, and finally the shoes with pink ties to match with the set. Overall, the outfit is pretty decent. Korea will be expected to receive this outfit pretty soon. (interesting fact: Korea has not updated their shop since last year)

They will be releasing the Crystal Hunt event again. Gold and silver crystals will pop out randomly from the hole. Each color will be assigned to specific courses. You collect the crystal and exchange them for the event prize as shown on the picture. Some are gifted automatically, while some are being handpicked randomly and the prizes given out in a certain date. Almost like a sweepstakes.

There's another event for players who play Pangya JP in cybercafes called Tiki's campaign where you earn points that can be exchanged for quick prizes. You can check the picture for more details about it.

Both Thailand and Korea already hosted their Self-Design contest, so now it's Japan's turn. For this event players will submit one of their design for a chance to win the top 3 prizes that includes a gift certificate or free self design outfits gifted to their accounts. To encourage these players even further, all self-design outfits are marked down 10% off.