Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A word from our friends

"This Is Why People Are Forced To Use Watermarks"
By: Kanashimi - Source

I remember back on my Zoints page, I had to post this announcement since it was getting way out of hand. This is a serious issue that many bloggers may have to face. Click on the source link to read about someone experiencing the same thing as me. How would you feel if you worked hard on something for the community, and some stranger ends up taking the credit that should be rightfully yours? Perhaps the only way you could learn is if someone did this to you. Remember kids, you can still use their information word for word if you give credit to the proper owner.

"Bye Bye Pangya (Japan)"
By: Hinano - Source

Just when you thought Taiwan Pangya closing down would make any difference, it actually made a huge impact to Japan Pangya. Many Taiwan players moved their attention toward Japan. Japan has blocked IPs to forigners already, but they have also blocked proxies too. So forigners who used methods to gain access to Japan is no more now.

Click on the source link for more details. And I have a few words to say to "some" Brazilians. I know you guys are reading this blog daily for your Pangya sources and such. Don't take it the wrong way, but don't screw up my Korea server. I know you can use proxies to gain access to Korea just like how you did with Japan since Korea IP blocked you all, but sooner or later Korea may end up blocking proxies too just like how Japan did. So you may need to think about whether spending your time and effort secretly gaining access to Korea is worth it to you or not. You can have A18 for all I care, just don't piss any Koreans off or me. Thank you~

I know there are great Brazilians out there that I've meet before on Korea, but I'm really aiming toward the people who ruins the game and your reputation.