Friday, January 30, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

NEW Final Fantasy XIII trailer

I'll start with Final Fantasy XIII. SquareEnix had a countdown timer on their site that just finished recently. Once the timer ended, they delivered a very nice trailer with gameplay footage of the battle system. After watching the trailer, it made me very excited EXCEPT that I will have to wait for an English version in 2010!

A demo version of the game is expected to release on April 16th. The problem is, you will have to purchase the new blu-ray of Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete bundle which will cost roughly around $65 (excluding fees and shipping if you plan to import it). If you think the cost for this bundle is too much, it has been mentioned that the demo will keep you busy for around two hours. Plus, the new Advent Children movie will have added scenes that the first AC didn't include. So if you are a true Final Fantasy fan, then save up your money and get to preordering now.

If you hate the movie, or you really don't want to spend too much just to play FFXIII demo, then it has been reported that the demo will have a separate release sometime after the blu-ray movie comes out. Whether you can buy the disc alone, or download from the store isn't known yet.

Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete Trailer