Monday, January 12, 2009

Women of Pangya

Probably the most important reason why people are playing "Pangya" is for the female Characters. If I were to ask someone the reason why they play Pangya, then I'm certain they'll mention, "because of Kooh" or "Arin is hot." I'm sure those people are not the only ones who would answer the same way as well. We all may have heard the issue about sex and violence sells when it comes to media entertainment such as video games. There's definitely no violence or nudity in the game, but if you get the right equipment gear for your scantily clad female characters, she will be playing golf with less cloth, and more skin.

If you go on the internet and type "Kooh" on the search engine, you will find most images of her either exposed or posed in a naughty way. That's part of the reason why Pangya is popular. Without memorable cute Characters like Kooh, Pangya may not be the same as of today to satisfy a large number of players. When it comes down to genders, there are a lot more female Characters and Caddies than males. That's not a surprise even if you don't count Dolfini in the list. Most players are more likely to play with female Characters rather than males. It's true.

As for me, I don't think I play Pangya for the sole purpose of the girls. I do play with female Characters all the time, so I may have an urge to let them wear a bikini or wear something to show more skin. I wouldn't say that I have twisted mind for doing that, it's just part of who we are. Being obsessed is a different side of the matter though. And yes, it's hard to resist Lucia sometimes.

Lucia is a good example of this. She is the type of girl that you either hate, love, or become obsessed with her. She has breast that moves independently and a charm that most guys will say, "I'd hit that." Now that Season 4 has introduced Lucia in the mix, there are four male, and five female Characters that are playable in the game. Ntreev knows that releasing more hot chicks = big money in their pockets. I somehow don't think she really fits into the Pangya storyline at all, but she's there for the sole purpose of delivering fans of what they want, more pretty women~

If there's one thing to spice up a boring game of golf, add in some hot and young girls to play with and you have one popular game. I'm sure some of you play the game for the sole purpose of the girls? No? Do you think all this sex appeal is going to far for a game like Pangya? Do share your thoughts and reason behind all of this.