Monday, January 5, 2009

Mr. 0%

Korea's Xmas content and events has finally come to an end. No more socks, Xmas gears, bad weather, and no more quit reduction event. This is perhaps the best event to end the year for KR Pangya, and I doubt we will be seeing another double pang or exp event for them in quite a long time. Can you imagine how much pangs you can earn with infinite bad weather on Ice Spa with Pang Mastery? It's unimaginable.

Take these results as an example. Now what are we suppose to do with all these pangs?! Spend them on Black Papel lotto and PSquare of course! Buying some Titanboo cards ftw.

Speaking of Black Papel lotto, I've only won one Devil Tail so far. ONE! Now some of you may be complaining about how much you have bad luck on the lotto, but you can stop your bitchin' here. Here is an example on how hard it is to win Korea's current Black Papel rare.

The rate on the red bag popping up is quite normal to me. The problem is that it won't land on the freakin' red bag. I have more screen shots than this, but it'll take forever to upload. I think I've spent a good amount of 800k so far in the lotto. Remember, that there's no limit on the amount of tries you can do. The good thing is that they increased the chance of winning the small green tickets. Usually if I spend a good 50k on the lotto I get about 8-12 tickets on average. Remember that these small green tickets is not a scratch card, you have to combine 10 of them to obtain one.

Last week, they were gifting players with 3% or lower quit. You will receive two Scratch cards each day you log-in. Finally, people like myself gets rewarded for not quitting tournaments so many times. I received up to 8 times so that's a total of 16 free scratch cards that I can spend any time I want. I doubt I'll get anything from it. Hell, back when they brought back the old scratch rares for a limited time, I've scratched at least 300 and didn't receive a single rare from it.

But what about the players with high quit rates? Are they ignored? Not really. Everyone will have their quits reduced, but it'll only update it on your account after today's server maintenance. All you had to do is play and enjoy a game of Pangya, that's it.

Before: 0.9%

After: 0.0%

Say hello to Mr. 0% yet again. Damn internet connections.