Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kimono JPN

I know some of us are still torn for not having Pangya Japan anymore, especially Hinano and myself too. But, I figured I still take a peek on today's update from Japan. Not surprisingly, they brought out the 2nd set of the snowflake outfits, but wait, there's more!?

Speak of the devil, we were just talking about the Kimono outfits in our previous discussion. As mentioned before, the Kimono outfits were released back in Season two in the Gachapon lotto. So Kaz and Lucia are the only two missing. Now you can get the remaining two along with snowflake outfits too.

^ Click thumbnail for larger view ^

The color on Lucia's Kimono outfit really does fit her. I am disappointed that they didn't do anything to her hair. They must have gotten lazy and added a ribbon on the back of her head to be done with it. Kaz's Kimono outfit is impressive, especially two swords on his back. His robe isn't fasten all the way so he wants to show off his hairless chest to the guys. I say Kaz's outfit compared to Lucia is better.

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