Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Legend of Four Rings

There are a total of four rings ever to release on Korea's scratch rare system. Albatross18 already brought in one ring in the eCard lottery, but there are still more to come. I'll be reviewing all four rings so let's take a peek to see if these rings are worth spending your money on Albatross18.

Crimson Ring
Effect: Increase distances by +4 yards.

You'll simply receive four extra yards added to your distance. It's basically having your power stats increase by two with no penalty to your control and accuracy if you reached above your power limit. The odd part about this ring is that even iron or wedge clubs will have the increased distance effect too (excluding putter). Players who approaches the hole with a 6I may need to adjust their power or else the ball will pass the cup. Crimson ring is essential to players who wants to improve their score thanks to the mini distance boost to make reaching places very flexible. This is Albatross18's first ring to be released so far. This ring cannot be passed up so easily for players who loves longer drive distances.

Rate: 9/10
+ Receive 4 extra yards at no cost
+ No penalty to your CTR/ACC
- Iron and Wedge club may throw you off with the added distance

Star Cat Ring
Effect: +1 added to combo gauge upon hitting Pangya. +3 added to combo gauge upon missing Pangya.

If you are the kind of person that performs powershots quite often, then this ring will give you a tiny extra push on your combo gauge meter. If you are the type of person who always miss Pangya, then you'll be ready to make a powershot in no time. However, it sounds very contradictory if you think about that concept. If you miss Pangya so many times to gain great amount of combo gauge, then how will it help you make a successful powershot if you miss Pangya all the time? But, each shot you make you'll gain extra amount of combo gauge regardless so there's no harm there. However, the next ring is so much better than this ring.

Rate: 5/10
+ Bonus added to your combo gauge
- Concept of missing pangya gains more combo gauge than successfully hitting Pangya
- The next ring after this one is much better than this ring

Mystic Ring
Effect: +1 added to combo gauge each turn (including initial turn when you first begin). +3 added to combo gauge when performing powershot or using items.

You read the effect correctly, there is no mistaken how powerful this ring is. Let's closely look at two effects here. First, you will receive +1 added to your combo gauge each of your own turn. 1 pixel might not be anything by itself, but if you play a full 18 hole game it'll make a difference. Secondly, you will gain +3 even if you perform a powershot or using an item. Normally a powershot, and some items will not increase your combo gauge on that turn. So imagine if you use 7 power potion, and perform around 5 powershots in a tournament. That's a total of 12 shots that your combo gauge hasn't increased. So just think about it, 1 pixel added for every turn, and your gauge increases even if you are a powershot junkie. You are basically filling up around 2-3 bars on your combo gauge for free. If you want to improve your score, you can replace 2 power potions for two silent winds if you like. Don't miss out on this ring at all cost. This ring screams for repetitive powershots on Ice Spa.

Rate: 10/10
+ Small bonus added to your combo gauge each turn
+ Increase combo gauge even if you use item or perform a powershot
- You will have to decide between this ring and Crimson

Hybrid Ring
Effect: +1 added to combo gauge each turn (including initial turn when you first begin). Increase distances by +2 yards.

So now that you've read about both Crimson and Mystic Ring, are you having trouble deciding which ring to use? Well how about take both rings, downsize the effect a bit, and transform it into one ring! That is why it is called, Hybrid Ring. Combining two great rings into one is an excellent idea, but the effects has been lower from its predecessor. A small gain for no cost is still marvelous, but you may want to use one of the greater rings such as Crimson or Mystic. But still, it may be hard to judge if this ring will be a great replacement between the two best rings in the game. It really all comes down to your play style.

Rate: 9/10
+ Combine both Mystic and Crimson Ring into one
+ Small gain on both combo gauge and distances
- Downsize effect of both rings may make you wonder if the small gain is worth using

Well I hope you enjoy today's segment about the four rings. Both Crimson and Mystic Rings are about equal upon their usefulness, but it really depends on you though.

This will be a nice discussion to talk about, and I would like to hear some opinions about which rings you would use and the reason why. Will you go for the Mystic Ring so you can replace power potions for other useful items? Will you go for Crimson Ring to chip in hard to reach places easily without lowering your control stats? Or will you go for both with downgraded effects?