Thursday, January 29, 2009

A18: The Lost Hope

You disappoint me yet again OGP, wait I've been disappointed several times already before. When OGP didn't update last Thursday again, I held myself back for saying anything bad about them and give them one more week to redeem their lack of updates. I was a fool to believe that now and look what happens today. No update nor word (as usual) about today's supposedly updates.

Even if there was a single hope for a drastic change, it's too late now OGP. They've either waited or ignored too long over the faults that we are seeing in A18 as of today. No communication from the staff, over priced Astro items such as Auto-Calipers, pang hackers are still at large, too many players who doesn't speak or speaks broken English, and I could just go on and on. Rather than seeing improvements in this game, each passing day it's growing worse. And what's worse, is that nothing has been done about it. Which is why everyone is to believe that OGP doesn't care anymore because they are shutting down. There are sources too whether you want to believe it or not. Want to read all about it? Here you go: Preparing for the aftermath.

If you all are planning to continue your Pangya career elsewhere, then maybe your only option would be GOA. Many long time players from Albatross18 already moved there. From my perspective of GOA, they look like the company that really cares about the community that A18 players hasn't receive that kind of treatment in ages. GOA may have just started Season 3 so it feels like a downgrade version of Albatross18, but you have to give them time since GOA is the last Pangya server that has opened up to the public. I also have to mention that they are working fast to catch up with other Pangya servers too.

As for me, I'm not going to join you guys on GOA. I hate to start all over for the fourth time so far. I used to have Japan but IP security has increased again, and now A18 is going down the dumps. So basically all I have is Korea. I'm fine with just Korea myself. Plus I've been playing Korea for a long time so I don't feel like I'm starting all over. Actually, I haven't been playing Pangya much at all lately. I'm just... bored with it I guess. Perhaps I've seen everything Pangya has to offer. Rather than quitting it, I just play whenever I'm in the mood. Plus if I quit Pangya, then this blog will go along with it. I'll give it a few more months until I may decide to close everything together, and move on with my life.

Well that's all that I have to say for today. I need to get ready for today's class. I'm keeping busy as you can tell.