Friday, October 30, 2009

KR Update (10-29-09)

Server Maintenance

Content Updates
1) Treasure Island Event
- Takes place on website

● Period
October 29th ~ December 1st

● Information
The treasure island tour event is a simple board game where you roll the Aztec dice and move pirate Dolfini to land on winning some cool prizes. Not only you can win a handful of in-game items, but also special prizes such as the Sony netbook, 23-inch LCD monitor, Nintendo Wii, Pangya Wii game, and Starbucks gift certificates. As usual, only Korean residents are eligible for these on-hand prizes.

You have a few number of tries to roll the dice to move pirate Dolfini. Everyone will start out with 5 turns that will help you get started. There are different icons on the board that will do different things when you land on a certain area.

Points = Points will get added to your bar meter. Once it reaches 3000, your account will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win the grand prize: Sony netbook (only 1 can win) or Starbucks gift certificates. (only 10 can win)

Barrel = Does nothing

In-game Prize = Landing on this will be rewarded with the item shown on the picture that will be sent to your mailbox. Each in-game prizes will give you a decent amount inside. An example would be Auto-calipers would give you 20 of them, while Joy Candy will give you 10.

On-hand Prize = Landing on this piece doesn't entirely mean you automatically win it. It's more like adding a raffle ticket on your name to the random drawings at the end of the event. So the more you land on that specific piece, the higher chance of winning that prize. Each on-hand prizes will be distributed in a specific amount such as the Nintendo Wii will be distributed to 3 lucky winners, while only 1 person can win the LCD monitor. There is a raffle for winning the 38th scratch Soul reaper clubset, and that's the only on-hand prize that doesn't consider having to be a Korean resident for once.


To get started, there is a number on the Aztec ball that shows how many tries you can roll the dice to move Pirate Dolfini. You click on the "Pangya Shot!" icon to activate the dice roll.

A number will appear between 1~6 that will determine how many squares pirate Dolfini will move. In this case, the #4 appears on screen.

Pirate Dolfini will move 4 spaces, and whatever it lands on you will automatically receive it. In this case, I landed on the Time Booster square that gives me 30 Time Boosters sent to my account. After that, you keep going until you are out of turns. It's that simple.

In conclusion, this event is not for you. You can play just for fun and win some in-game items, but that's about it. There's no point in complaining since this game is originally meant to be played by Koreans only. So that's completely understandable. I didn't feel like rushing this information since this event does not benefit much from foreigners one bit. But since I am the only one keeping up-to-date on KR Pangya, I might as well throw this out here in case you are curious on what's going on over there.

● Notice
- It is highly recommended to use Internet explorer to use the event page
- You must log-in to your account to participate in the event
- You will receive 5 free dice roll when you first start
- Just like a typical dice, the numbers will range from 1~6
- You will receive 1 free dice roll when you login to the board game per day (KR time)
- You can receive a green box poping out from the hole that will add to your dice rolls. So using a motion item will grant you two tries as well.
- On-hand prizes (excluding 38th scratch set) can only be redeemed by Korean residence.
- In-game prizes will automatically be mailed to your account
- Once pirate Dolfini reaches the finish line, it'll move back to the very beginning.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

US Update (10-29-09)

Server Maintenance
PDT: 10/28 7:00 PM ~ 10/29 2:00 AM
EDT: 10/28 10:00 PM ~ 10/29 5:00 AM

Content Updates
1) Japanese Traditional Outfits
- Available for all Characters

2) New Motion Item
- 4th motion release

3) Super Savings Sale
- Auto-calipers
- Time booster
- Star Boost Candy package

4) New Scratchy Rare
- 3rd scratchy set release

1) Japanese Traditional Outfits

● Period
October 29th ~ November 11th

● Information
traditional garments will be available for all Characters in the shop for a short period of time. You will really like the style of these colorful outfits, along with some head accessories that changes their hairstyles. Korea has released these outfits on their server not too long ago in the shop. As for Japan, these were available in the Gacha lotto so many years ago. This is going to cost a lot of money from your pocket, but consider these outfits equivalent to a Gacha outfit rare. So the positive side is that you can get a specific outfit for your favorite Character.

● Notice
- All items will be priced for points only
- Limited time in the shop for only three weeks


2) New Motion Item

● Period
Begins October 29th

● Information

Hana will be next to receive her motion item. So this will make it their 4th motion item release so far in this server. The effects are applied the same as any other motion items. You get +1 accuracy and spin, treasure point boost, small bonus pangs, and receive two event items. This is great if you like to use Hana during the Halloween event to get those color boxes that is currently going on right now.

There are three choices to pick from. You have a pink flower, and two umbrellas with a choice of blue or pink. Picking either one doesn't matter except for different looks.

● Notice
- You can see a video demo of her new animation from the tee, and making either a HiO or Albatross.


3) Super savings sale

● Period
October 29th ~ November 4th

● Information

For a limited time, there are some special packages that will hopefully save you some cash. Also, an item called the Star boost candy (x2 experience) will be sold in different bundles. Although it is very strange to make that item look similar to the
Lucky candy that can be won in the Gacha lottery. So do not get them confused. The candy boxes will have different packages of 50, 500, or 1000 inside to choose from. Get your wallets ready if you plan to stock em' up.

● Notice
- I do not have information of how much these bundles cost, so this news will have to do until the official release. (fixed)
- The star boost candy is now changed to the Joy candy that is packaged in those sets.


4) New Scratchy Rare

● Period
October 29th ~ Around two months later

● Information
After a long two months, a new scratchy set will finally be updated.

1) Hana’s Elfen Ears
2) Hana’s SSAF Suits
Kaz's SSAF Suits
4) Kooh’s Magical Costume Set

Instead of three items, they decided to go with four this time. This set definitely gives Hana fans a chance to get her valuable rares with the addition of her motion item release. Then we have Kooh's Magical outfit plus Kaz's SSAF that's worth getting as well. So overall, this set is really decent this time so now you can spend all of your leftover scratchys on these rares.

● Notice
- Previous scratchy set is now replaced with the current set.
- I do not know if these items will be tradable in the mailbox system. We'll have to hear from the players to find that out.


Other Notices

After server maintenance, Cadie's Cauldron should be back to normal hopefully so you can create those Halloween boxes.
Also the error boxes should be fixed too.

During October 29th ~ 31st, you will receive one Gacha coin per 5,000 points added to your account. The coins will be added to your account after server maintenance on November 4th.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Season Four and a Half

Pangya Thai will be upgrading to Season 4.5. This is nothing more than future contents adding to the current season such as Natural server, Cut-in system, Titles, and so forth. These contents are familiar to us already.

Several players were invited to the Season 4.5 closed beta server to tweak with the new contents that will be added into the main server later on. The testing service would only last for a short period of time between October 21st~23rd. There's nothing much to test since most of the contents are already implemented in the other servers.

Now that closed-beta is over, there is a new banner showing that Season 4.5 will be coming soon. On that picture, it shows a volume 2 card pack hiding behind the current one. Is this hinted that we are about to see the next card pack anytime soon? If so, I don't think my bank will be happy about this.

It certainly has been awhile since I've posted something about Pangya Thailand for once.

© 2009, All rights reserved. Image material may be copied with no permission. Text contents cannot be copied directly unless it is properly directed to the rightful owner.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Preparations almost done

If any of you have been watching me on the feed, I've been prepping up for on my Justin.TV beta channel for awhile now. It has been long since I've seriously broadcasted so that's why I decided to cast privately on a different channel until I get my inspiration back again. So today, I feel like I've done enough broadcasting to announce some ideas about my broadcasting future.

Chat open for friends only
This was tough to make this decision, but I think it's for the best. This may cast outsiders away from my channel and have less viewers to talk to, but the exchange of having a clean chat system, I'm willing to go down that path. Besides, my channel has time to grow to where it'll become a large community. I like to have a decent amount of viewers at once, but nothing like 200 people clogging up the chat room.

I will gladly accept any friend invites if anybody wishes to join our group to chat with me or any of the viewers. However, if you are causing trouble to me or any of the chatters, then I'll have to step in to deal with you.

Channel Directory
This channel will be open to the public. Since I am a JTV director, my channel may be shown on the main page where lots people will come in and take a look. I like to welcome anyone who are interested to become part of the community. They will have their own chat room to spam each other for all I care, but the main chat will be exclusive to both me and friends only.

There's no reason to have any chat mods as of now. Since the chat room is restricted for friends only, I'm sure we can all behave. Right? If I feel like I am getting lots of viewers, I might ask one of you to watch the room in case I'm concentrating on a game. I may at some point appoint you as a temporary mod if I'm away or if the room is getting full where I need help on that day.

Quality Assurances
This is a big task as a broadcaster to assure that the video feed is working smoothly for everybody. If I were to cast at a higher quality rate, then some viewers may suffer if they have low bandwidth speed. This is a huge challenge to get decent quality running, while keeping the bandwidth speed consistent with everyone.

I am uploading an average of 600kbps so it demands a pretty good speed on your end. I have the sound performance set really good so wearing a headphone while watching is highly recommended. There is a lot to experiment getting the feed just right, but that's part of the fun for me.

Chat Guidelines
I hope we all can act like mature people. I have set the language filter to low, but there are some words I must block for the sake of keeping the chat room clean. Links can be posted anytime, but I prefer if you keep it to a minimum. The contents of your link must be addressed if it may be inappropriate. We don't want anybody in trouble if they are at work, or fry young people's minds. Please be respectful to your peers and especially to me. We want this to be enjoyable for everyone.

Casting Contents
Obviously I will be broadcasting myself playing video games. I may at some point broadcast some funny videos, or game trailers in the mix. And maybe depending how many people like animes, I may cast some of my favorites on there too. Right now, I do not have all of my gaming consoles since it's left at home for now. But I'm holding out fine with the PSP. I will also broadcast myself playing Pangya. Anybody who wishes to join me in a tourney, or VS play can talk to me in the chat and we can set one up. I can also organize a party setup where we can have our own Pangya room just for us. Fun fun.

Broadcasting Schedule
This guy needs a break you know? He has work, college, video games, Pangya, blog updates, twitter, and he even broadcasts too! So to keep myself healthy, I made a schedule on the best times I can broadcast without feeling fatigue.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday starting around 8:00 PM Eastern time.

With that schedule posted, you will know when I will broadcast so you won't be late on missing the action. There may be a chance that I may or may not cast at those times. So the best way to find out what's going on is by checking my Twitter page. JTV has it setup to where it'll automatically send a message on my Twitter account saying that I'm broadcasting. If there is a chance that I cannot make it on time, I will try to leave a message to let you know.

I've learned so many things ever since I started becoming a broadcaster. I can take this experience and make use of it later on. As much enjoyment you get for watching me broadcast, it makes playing games more enjoyable for me as well.

All of the changes I've listed will probably change before I announce that I'll start casting on my main channel shortly. An approximate date on when I'll be ready to move to my main channel will probably be next Monday.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

US Update (10-22-09)

Server Maintenance
PDT: 10/21 7:00 PM ~ 10/22 12:00 AM
EDT: 10/21 10:00 PM ~ 10/22 3:00 AM

Content Updates
1) More Halloween contents
- Witch outfits + Bogeyman outfit
- Skullfini skin
- Soul Master club upgrade

More Halloween contents

● Period
October 22nd ~ November 4th

● Information

The witch outfits for Cecilia, Hana, Kooh, Arin, and Lucia were considered a Gacha rare according to other Pangya servers, but instead it will be available in the shop to purchase for a limited time. It's a wise decision considering these outfits is not worth gambling for and get a few steps closer to catch up on Korea's scratch releases.
Let's not forget the creepy Bogeyman outfit that is a must-buy for any Azer fans.

Last year ago, Albatross18 launched these outfits as an eCard rare, excluding Lucia since she was not released during Season 3. They also released the Halloween outfits for both the guys and the girls with black overalls to match the dark theme of Halloween. So why isn't that releasing on Pangya US? Ah, but since they are adding more Halloween contents, perhaps there is a small chance that those old Halloween outfits may be coming soon? Only time will tell for that. Here are what they look like below in case you haven't seen it before.

Hana Cecilia Kooh Arin
2008 Halloween Outfits for the ladies

Nuri Max Azer Kaz
2008 Halloween Outfits for the guys


+ =
Soul Master Club Upgrade

It looks like you'll get more for your Soul Reaper club set after all. If you have won a Soul Reaper clubset from Gacha lottery, you may receive a ticket from the blue boxes that you can use to upgrade to a newer version with a darker look, and stats improvement. This upgrade can be done in Cadie's Cauldron.

Soul Reaper -> Soul Master
Power: 16 -> 16 (+0 bonus)
Control: 12 -> 12 (+0 bonus)
Accuracy: 12 -> 13 (+1 bonus)
Spin: 6 -> 7 (+1 bonus)
Curve: 3 -> 4 (+1 bonus)

To sum it up, the stats improvements are only on accuracy, spin, and curve by +1. Not much for improvements right? But an extra spin does make it exceptional though. So good luck pulling a ticket from the blue boxes if you want to upgrade the Soul Reaper clubs first.

● Notice
- Once you upgrade from Soul Reaper to Soul Master club, all of the pang spent on upgrading will be lost since Soul Master will be sent to you as a brand new club. The total amount to fully upgrade the Soul Master club is 184,500 pang.

- What I discovered on today's update is that they added both Lucia and Kaz's Japanese kimono outfits into the file. The old kimono outfits is already stored in the previous files, but both of these Characters are brand new that wasn't added at the time. So what does this mean? Are they planning to release the kimono outfits after all? Korea has done it if you can recall, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same. Remember last time I discovered the Vocaloid contents on Korea, and it did come out later on. If you plan on buying these outfits, then save your money in case it does come out. The only guess I can think of to release these outfits is either New Years, or when Eastern Valley course comes out.

9/22 10:47 AM - added more information

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KR Update (10-22-09)

Server Maintenance
KST: 10/22 8:00~11:00 AM
EDT: 10/21 7:00~10:00 PM

Content Updates
1) 38th Scratch Rare
- Soul Reaper Club set

2) Halloween Contents
- 2009 Halloween outfits
- 2008 Halloween outfits
- Halloween Aztecs
- Halloween Dolfini skin
- Halloween Pangya logo
- Halloween Layout

● Sales Period
October 22nd ~ November 19th

● Information
I would be repeating myself if I had to explain every single content that Pangya US already released.

It was no surprise that there is no Halloween event. The reason is according to the spoiler list, it only says Halloween contents for this week. However, if you check what comes out next week, you can see the reason why there's no event for Halloween. That's right, the treasure island event. It doesn't look like Korea wants to re-release the same Halloween event again and again since there's really no point. The Halloween event that Pangya US is undergoing is practically the same thing as Korea did already, and more than once too.

I do welcome something different though, but it all depends on what this treasure event is all about. What I do know is that I'll save my time and energy away from Pangya until next week when the event comes out.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Irresistable Pangya Dance

When I came across this, I knew I had to do it. The season 4 dance got nothing on this one. Shirtless dancers featuring Azer, Nuri, Kaz, Max, and a special guest ***anboo. This one is for all the ladies out there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

KR Burn Event

The burn event for the 3rd week of October update is already here. This event is basically a double pang and experience weekend. The time limit for each day is restricted for a few hours though. This is what the initial plan was going to be for this event:

Friday - 10/16 - 6:00PM~12:00AM (6 hours)
Saturday - 10/17 - 6:00PM~10:00PM (4 hours)
Sunday - 10/18 - 6:00PM~10:00PM (4 hours)
x2 experience and pang

The reason why Friday got an extra two hours was because there were some issues launching double pang on the servers. Then several hours later, double pang was still not up. The GMs have announced that double pang will take more time to fix it. So they decided to edit the entire schedule on the burn event.

So this weekend will only be double experience along with a extended time limit. Next weekend they will launch the official burn event as planned with double pang and experience. So here is the edited schedule:

October 3rd weekend
Friday - 10/16 - 6:00PM~12:00AM (6 hours)
Saturday - 10/17 - 3:00PM~10:00PM (7 hours)
Sunday - 10/18 - 3:00PM~10:00PM (7 hours)
x2 experience only

October 4th weekend
Friday - 10/23 - 4:00PM~12:00AM (8 hours)
Saturday - 10/24 - 4:00PM~12:00PM (8 hours)
Sunday - 10/25 - 4:00PM~12:00PM (8 hours)
x2 experience and pang

I only time I recall they launched double pang event was on December of last year. It has been a long time to where they weren't aware that double pang would have any issues I guess. I figured if you guys were playing on Pangya KR, you needed to know what's going on if you need the extra pang or experience points.

*do note these are all stated in Korea's timezone

Thursday, October 15, 2009

US Update (10-15-09)

Server Maintenance
PDT: 10/14 7:00 PM~10/15 12:30 AM
EDT: 10/14 10:00 PM~10/15 3:30 AM

Content Updates
1) Get your Treats Event
- Collecting boxes all over Pangya island
- Free comet log-in attendance

2) 2nd set Gacha Rare
- Soul Reaper Clubset

3) 2009 Halloween Content Update
- New outfits for Nuri, Kooh, Max, and Lucia
- New Comet ball
- Skull Dolfini skin

4) New Halloween Layout
- New design in-game

5) Gacha Coin Sale
- 25+5 coin special bonus

Content Removal
1) 1st Gacha Rare
- Rainbow wings will be removed

2) 3 +1 card pack special
- Bundle price will be removed from shop

1) Get your Treats Event

● Period
October 15th ~ November 4th

● Information

During the event, there will be four different color of candy boxes scattered all over Pangya island. Each color boxes can only be obtained from specific courses. Your task is to play lots of Pangya and you may receive a candy box popping out from the hole. If you don't get a box when you sink the ball into the cup then keep trying until *pew-peew* comes.

Once you have collected enough boxes, you can trade them in Cadie's Cauldron. You will need one box of each color to receive one Halloween gift box. Inside the box will contain a random item inside. Since the event may be handled much different than last year's event in Korea, the description that I will explain for the prizes may be subject to change.

A mascot won from the Halloween gift box will only last for a limited time. Devilly grants you 10 Mascot Bonus Pang when you hit Pangya, and 5 Mascot Bonus Pang for a Pangya miss.

Halloween Candy
A candy won from the Halloween gift box will grant you double experience points. You will receive x10 of them.

Halloween Club Set
A club set won from the Halloween gift box will be another great addition to your collection. This club set was purchasable back on Albatross18 for points. For this event clubset, it starts out with zero stats. You have to upgrade this club with a lots of pang to make this club useful. The good part is that it contains the full 12 control amount, but the other stats is not so great. When you hit Pangya, you will get a Halloween Pangya logo. This club cannot be traded.

Candelabrum Hat
This item was also purchasable back in Albatross18 for points. The stats are Spin+1/Slot+1 & Curve+1. The hat is nice since the torch is lit to where you can see it burning as you are playing Pangya. This is available for all Characters.

Jack-o-Lantern Hat
A Jack-o-Lantern hat won from the Halloween gift box will show your high spirits for Halloween. Since the hat does absolutely nothing, it does have the glowy eyes effect to make it a fashionable headgear just for looks. This is available for all Characters.

An extra treat for all the players, you must simply log-in each day during the event to receive 10x free comet balls gifted to your mailbox. Only ten free balls per day.

Pumpkin comet GET = October 15th ~ 24th
Skull comet GET = October 25th ~ November 5th

● Notice

- The motion items for Azer, Nuri, and Arin will grant you two candy boxes instead of one box.
- Candy boxes will appear in both VS and Tournament mode. Ghost mode is excluded.
- Halloween gift box prizes will be sent to your mailbox
- You may receive more than one of the same prize
- Candy boxes and the Halloween gift box will be removed from your account once the event ends
- You may win a Jack-o-Lantern hat or Candelabrum for a Character you do not own.
- During the event, the normal Pangya logo will be replaced for this logo instead.
- Some prizes are distributed based on its usefulness. An example is the Halloween Clubset would be the hardest to win, but you may commonly obtain a Jack-O-Lantern hat or the Halloween candy.
- Remember that all effects that I've explained could be false since Pangya US may distribute it differently. I will edit the post whenever I come across anything that needs to be corrected. Thank you.

2) 2nd set Gacha Rare

● Period
October 15th ~ November 5th

● Information

Soul Reaper Clubset
Power 9+7
Control 6+6
Accuracy 6+6
Spin 4+2
Curve 1+2

Well this is certainly a surprise. Can you believe Pangya US received a clubset that no other server has yet? The clubs look very nice and the stats are absolutely amazing. This stats is the exact copy of the powerful Air Knight 3 clubs on Korea. Surprisingly, this rare will last for just three weeks until we see a new Gacha rare again.

● Notice
- Upon hitting Pangya, you will receive a special logo.
- When you hit Pangya, you will hear a scream in the background.

3) 2009 Halloween Content Update

● Period
October 15th ~ November 5th

● Information

New outfits for Nuri, Kooh, Max, and Lucia. As you can tell it looks pretty much like the remakes of old outfits with a new design to it. Like Kooh looks almost like the fox outfit, and Lucia from her initial starting outfit, and you get the picture.

Smiling Goblin
A new never before seen comet ball that you can purchase in the shop for a limited time. For those who likes to collect comet balls cannot pass this opportunity.

Then we also have a new caddy skin for Dolfini made just for the special occasion.

● Notice
- The Halloween costumes for all Characters are rehashes from the existing outfits.
- The Halloween caddy skin for Dolfini is not present to purchase in the shop for some reason.

4) New Halloween Layout

● Period
October 15th ~ November 5th

● Information

Who knew Halloween was this important to Pangya? During the event, you will be treated to a spooky new layout design to get into the Halloween spirit. I must say, this is done very impressively and I cannot wait until other Pangya version gets this same design too. Again, Pangya US is the first to receive this new layout design.

● Notice
- The log-in background will show Deep Inferno during the event
- The Pangya launcher has also received a new Halloween design
- The Pangya screenshot logo will have a new Halloween theme

5) Gacha Coin Sale

● Period
October 15th ~ October 21st

● Information

There will be a new payment option to purchase 25 coins and get 5 coins extra for free. You pay more, but you earn more coins in the process. Will it be that difficult to win the soul reaper clubset?

● Notice
- You are basically getting one free coin from the 25+5 coin package for $50. If you buy the 15+3 ($30) and 10+2 ($20) separately, you will get a total of 29 coins.