Saturday, October 17, 2009

KR Burn Event

The burn event for the 3rd week of October update is already here. This event is basically a double pang and experience weekend. The time limit for each day is restricted for a few hours though. This is what the initial plan was going to be for this event:

Friday - 10/16 - 6:00PM~12:00AM (6 hours)
Saturday - 10/17 - 6:00PM~10:00PM (4 hours)
Sunday - 10/18 - 6:00PM~10:00PM (4 hours)
x2 experience and pang

The reason why Friday got an extra two hours was because there were some issues launching double pang on the servers. Then several hours later, double pang was still not up. The GMs have announced that double pang will take more time to fix it. So they decided to edit the entire schedule on the burn event.

So this weekend will only be double experience along with a extended time limit. Next weekend they will launch the official burn event as planned with double pang and experience. So here is the edited schedule:

October 3rd weekend
Friday - 10/16 - 6:00PM~12:00AM (6 hours)
Saturday - 10/17 - 3:00PM~10:00PM (7 hours)
Sunday - 10/18 - 3:00PM~10:00PM (7 hours)
x2 experience only

October 4th weekend
Friday - 10/23 - 4:00PM~12:00AM (8 hours)
Saturday - 10/24 - 4:00PM~12:00PM (8 hours)
Sunday - 10/25 - 4:00PM~12:00PM (8 hours)
x2 experience and pang

I only time I recall they launched double pang event was on December of last year. It has been a long time to where they weren't aware that double pang would have any issues I guess. I figured if you guys were playing on Pangya KR, you needed to know what's going on if you need the extra pang or experience points.

*do note these are all stated in Korea's timezone