Friday, October 23, 2009

Preparations almost done

If any of you have been watching me on the feed, I've been prepping up for on my Justin.TV beta channel for awhile now. It has been long since I've seriously broadcasted so that's why I decided to cast privately on a different channel until I get my inspiration back again. So today, I feel like I've done enough broadcasting to announce some ideas about my broadcasting future.

Chat open for friends only
This was tough to make this decision, but I think it's for the best. This may cast outsiders away from my channel and have less viewers to talk to, but the exchange of having a clean chat system, I'm willing to go down that path. Besides, my channel has time to grow to where it'll become a large community. I like to have a decent amount of viewers at once, but nothing like 200 people clogging up the chat room.

I will gladly accept any friend invites if anybody wishes to join our group to chat with me or any of the viewers. However, if you are causing trouble to me or any of the chatters, then I'll have to step in to deal with you.

Channel Directory
This channel will be open to the public. Since I am a JTV director, my channel may be shown on the main page where lots people will come in and take a look. I like to welcome anyone who are interested to become part of the community. They will have their own chat room to spam each other for all I care, but the main chat will be exclusive to both me and friends only.

There's no reason to have any chat mods as of now. Since the chat room is restricted for friends only, I'm sure we can all behave. Right? If I feel like I am getting lots of viewers, I might ask one of you to watch the room in case I'm concentrating on a game. I may at some point appoint you as a temporary mod if I'm away or if the room is getting full where I need help on that day.

Quality Assurances
This is a big task as a broadcaster to assure that the video feed is working smoothly for everybody. If I were to cast at a higher quality rate, then some viewers may suffer if they have low bandwidth speed. This is a huge challenge to get decent quality running, while keeping the bandwidth speed consistent with everyone.

I am uploading an average of 600kbps so it demands a pretty good speed on your end. I have the sound performance set really good so wearing a headphone while watching is highly recommended. There is a lot to experiment getting the feed just right, but that's part of the fun for me.

Chat Guidelines
I hope we all can act like mature people. I have set the language filter to low, but there are some words I must block for the sake of keeping the chat room clean. Links can be posted anytime, but I prefer if you keep it to a minimum. The contents of your link must be addressed if it may be inappropriate. We don't want anybody in trouble if they are at work, or fry young people's minds. Please be respectful to your peers and especially to me. We want this to be enjoyable for everyone.

Casting Contents
Obviously I will be broadcasting myself playing video games. I may at some point broadcast some funny videos, or game trailers in the mix. And maybe depending how many people like animes, I may cast some of my favorites on there too. Right now, I do not have all of my gaming consoles since it's left at home for now. But I'm holding out fine with the PSP. I will also broadcast myself playing Pangya. Anybody who wishes to join me in a tourney, or VS play can talk to me in the chat and we can set one up. I can also organize a party setup where we can have our own Pangya room just for us. Fun fun.

Broadcasting Schedule
This guy needs a break you know? He has work, college, video games, Pangya, blog updates, twitter, and he even broadcasts too! So to keep myself healthy, I made a schedule on the best times I can broadcast without feeling fatigue.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday starting around 8:00 PM Eastern time.

With that schedule posted, you will know when I will broadcast so you won't be late on missing the action. There may be a chance that I may or may not cast at those times. So the best way to find out what's going on is by checking my Twitter page. JTV has it setup to where it'll automatically send a message on my Twitter account saying that I'm broadcasting. If there is a chance that I cannot make it on time, I will try to leave a message to let you know.

I've learned so many things ever since I started becoming a broadcaster. I can take this experience and make use of it later on. As much enjoyment you get for watching me broadcast, it makes playing games more enjoyable for me as well.

All of the changes I've listed will probably change before I announce that I'll start casting on my main channel shortly. An approximate date on when I'll be ready to move to my main channel will probably be next Monday.