Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KR Update (10-22-09)

Server Maintenance
KST: 10/22 8:00~11:00 AM
EDT: 10/21 7:00~10:00 PM

Content Updates
1) 38th Scratch Rare
- Soul Reaper Club set

2) Halloween Contents
- 2009 Halloween outfits
- 2008 Halloween outfits
- Halloween Aztecs
- Halloween Dolfini skin
- Halloween Pangya logo
- Halloween Layout

● Sales Period
October 22nd ~ November 19th

● Information
I would be repeating myself if I had to explain every single content that Pangya US already released.

It was no surprise that there is no Halloween event. The reason is according to the spoiler list, it only says Halloween contents for this week. However, if you check what comes out next week, you can see the reason why there's no event for Halloween. That's right, the treasure island event. It doesn't look like Korea wants to re-release the same Halloween event again and again since there's really no point. The Halloween event that Pangya US is undergoing is practically the same thing as Korea did already, and more than once too.

I do welcome something different though, but it all depends on what this treasure event is all about. What I do know is that I'll save my time and energy away from Pangya until next week when the event comes out.