Wednesday, October 14, 2009

KR Update (10-15-09)

Server Maintenance
KST: 10/15 8:00~10:00 AM
EDT: 10/14 7:00~9:00 PM

Content Updates
1) 13th Bongdari Rare
- Optical Visor

2) Future Contents
- New systems, items, and events

13th Bongdari Rare

● Period
Begins October 15th

● Information
This new set is to match the setup with the Physical Earplug rare. There are two color variations available for all Characters. On Japan, the stats were to give either Spin+1 or Curve+1 depending on the color, and it boosts the treasure rate. The Korean version will give +10 curve that's very similar to Illusion specs from Korea's 2nd Bongdari set. This will hopefully give players a chance if the specs are expensive to purchase due to its rarity.

For awhile, we've been seeing new Bongdari rares with the same stats as the older versions. It gives players a chance if they were not able to obtain the older rares, but is this good for the veteran players who are wishing for something new? Lets go over some of the old and new rares with similar stats, but different looks.

Pink Blush/Rosey Cheeks (2nd set)

Kitty Whiskers (4th set)

Stats: Accuracy +1

Romeo/Juliet Mask (4th set)

Dolfini Sleeping Mask (10th set)

Stats: Accuracy +1 & Boosts treasure rate

Casanova/Victoria Mask (4th set)

Black Bongdal Sleeping Mask (10th set)

Stats: Accuracy +1 & 3PP per Pangya & 2PP per PPIC

Crosswing (6th set)

Queen's Crown (7th set)

Stats: Curve +1 & Boosts treasure rate

Illusion Specs (2nd set)

Optical Visor (13th set)

Stats: Curve +10
Alright so we get the idea already that some Bongdari rares are pretty much re-releases of the old version, but with different looks. It has the same effect, stats, and equipment wear. Luckily, there are a few rares like the star headset made a huge success in Korea with one caddy slot meant a big difference to a majority of players, especially me.

● Notice
- A total of 18 rares in this set
- You cannot change the color in Cadie's Magic Box

Future Contents

Now to the best part about this update. They have created a spoiler list of all the upcoming contents to release. Do pay close attention that dates are subject to change at any time. So lets go through the list and see what there is to look forward to.

Remember that these updates are to come at anytime during those weeks. There's a chance that other non-mentioned contents will come along as well. Just keep checking back on my site to see all the latest updates and news on Pangya KR.

EDIT: The burn event has been announced. It's just a simple double exp and pang event weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6:00~10:00 PM (5:00~9:00 AM EDT).