Saturday, April 25, 2009

KR: Reached National Pro E


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plagiarism Strikes Back

I don't enjoy bringing this crap up again, but it looks like some people still needs to wake up. This isn't the first time I had to post something like this. Here and here.

Today, I discovered someone using my Arin's new animation demo. Normally I do not mind as long as my name is credited somewhere where people can see. However, this is NOT the case. Here are two BIG things that really pissed me off:

First, as soon as my video starts, the person puts down his/her YouTube URL account like it's his/her own. This isn't your video, why do you think you deserve credit for spending 10 minutes on copying my video when I stayed up all night creating this.

And secondly, when I usually make these animation videos, I always put my URL at the end of the clip. Guess what this person did? He/She ended the clip before my URL even appears.

So I decided to give this person a chance to remove this video before I have to get really ugly with this. So this is what I said when I sent the message this morning:

"Clelson from is it? I would request that you remove my video right this minute. I will give you 1 day to remove it. Thank you."

The name "Clelson" sounds familiar to me. I think that name is the same person on the forum that always steals my work with no mention of my name at all. Although this is just speculation if this Clelson person on Youtube is the same from the forum. But there are two facts that this person is a Brazilian, and steals my Pangya work. Those two things cannot be a coincidence.

So I gave this person one day to remove the video. But it doesn't look like this Brazilian wants to cooperate. I recently found Clelson's recent comment that directed towards the Arin video.

What does hacking have anything to do with this?! I never said anything about Brazilians hacking. Even though Youtube videos are public, there are also rules to be followed too. Well since this statement, "I WILL NOT REMOVE THE VIDEO" has been said, then I will have to simply humiliate you in front of thousands of people who visits my site daily.

If you are reading this Clelson, then you made a big mistake to mess with me. I have already reported the stolen video, but I doubt any actions from them will be taken carefully anyways. Not only you are making yourself look bad, but also my thoughts about the Brazilian community too. You had your chance to avoid this, and I hate to do this, but if I don't do anything quick, then things will only get worse.

So if you guys wouldn't mind, bash this person's YouTube account for me please? It would make me feel much better and not close this blog down for good because of this one arrogant Brazilian.

Stolen Clip:
Clelson YouTube Channel:

JPN Update (4-23-09)

There is a new update for the Gachapon lottery. What's unique about this set is that not only will you get the outfits for the ladies, but you will also receive that Character's wallpaper that can be placed in your My-PAD room. These outfits were originated from the Pangya mini-wallpapers that are available in Japan. Japan players who loved the outfit designs on the wallpaper can now experience it for their favorite Characters in the game.

Here is an example on how the mini wallpapers will look like. You can put all the pictures side by side, separated, or any way you want. It is your room after all. I would like to have these wallpapers in my room too. Not the My-PAD room, but my actual room.

Monday, April 20, 2009

KR Update (4-21-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on April 21st from 4:00 ~ 12:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 3:00 ~ 11:00 PM on April 10th. A total of 8 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 12:00 AM (11:00 PM EDT).

Content Update:
1) Arin's motion item release (2 items)
2) Card pack interface change
3) Mailbox item remove function change

Content Fixes:
1) Guild chat error
2) Buddy list messenger pop-up error
3) Buddy list messenger offline error
4) Sweet potato experience boost error

7th Motion Item - Arin's White/Black Wings

49 cookies
Accuracy +1 | Spin +1
Equipment: Ear
Effect: New Tee and Alba/HIO animation.
Increase treasure point rate. Bonus 3PP for successful Pangya and 2PP for missing Pangya.

The next 7th motion item has finally arrived. Arin will receive two different sets of the feather earrings, black or white. Both items both do the same exact thing. To see a demonstration on how the wings look, check out my Youtube clip that I provided for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy~

UI System - New Card Pack Interface

A new card pack system has been implemented with a new interface. This was first introduced on Japan Pangya last month ago. This new interface was thought to be exclusive to Japan only, but it looks like this system was meant to be added to every Season 4 clients in the near future. Card pack covers will have a new makeover, and when you open any card packs purchased in the shop, or card tickets won from treasures, you will be treated with a nice animation of cards showing up on screen now. This may take longer to open card packs than before, but eventually we'll get used to it and enjoy this stylish interface.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remember this?

Do any of you remember that I posted this announcement back in November of last year? So what exactly happened to it? Today, I finally remembered about this event so I'm going to tell you what is going on.

It was suppose to be an event for the Albatross18 community. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that I placed a small hint below Lucia's left shoulder. If you can't see it clearly it says, "Project VA." At first, some people thought I was going to start a podcast here on my site. That wasn't it. I'm not into the whole podcast matter, so that's not a possibility there.

So Project VA stands for: Project Voice Acting. Yes, I was going to make an event concerning about the Miracle Voice Clubs to be implemented into the Albatross18 servers. I was going to make this event where we the community will provide the voices for these Characters. I know that may sound silly to some of you, but this could very well be fun too. Who knows, maybe we have several talented voice actors in this game that is much better than a generic group of people doing the voices for us. Or if you simply hated the voices on Super Swing Golf for the Nintendo Wii.

Remember, I had this event planned back before we started to see hints of OGP falling apart into much deeper than before. So I was going to reveal this event around February 2009. However, in that particular month was around the time when we felt there was a strong possibility that Albatross18 will shut down for good. And not to my surprise, that's exactly what happened. So due to Albatross18's closure, I didn't feel like pursuing with this project anymore.

So what about Pangya USA? I'm sure they will listen a lot better than OGP, but the inspiration I had back then is not with me at this moment. I was determined before, but now I don't have that motivation to do this event anymore. Either you can talk to the producers of Pangya USA about the idea of using the community's voices, or have someone in the community host the event on the forums. If the producers wants to go for this, I have the event typed up already that is saved into my folder from last year. They can look over it in case they need reference because there are certain files that they need in order to make the clubs work nearly like Korea and Japan. Who knows, it doesn't have to follow exactly like Korea's method so there's a chance that you could mix up what voices to be played that Ntreev USA could request to the developers.

So there you go, that's what this whole coming soon thing was all about last year. I'm pretty sure most of you have probably forgotten that I posted that last year anyhow. You all might want to wait until Pangya USA settles down until you guys mention this to them. I think they prefer to get the server situation under control before they will start looking into this. I would be surprised if they already have this planned before I even posted this.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pangya PSP JPN Released

PSP Pangya 2009 Page

Pangya Portable for the PSP system has been released today over at Japan. Korea received their game last year around Christmas Day. From the looks of it, it doesn't look like Japan will have any special bundles that comes with a Kooh figurine like Korea did. I bet Japanese people are upset with this since I'm sure there are more pedos over at Japan than the people in Korea haha~

The game will come with a code that you can input in the PC game to receive PSP outfits for all the Characters (excluding Lucia). The code will also come with a special Air Knight club set.

TAKARATOMY company that handled the release of Japan's game will also release to America. TOMY Corporation located in Santa Ana, California will be producing the PSP game here. It will be called, Pangya Fantasy Golf. I'm sure Ntreev USA will be able to do the same as Japan did with the Air Knight club, and the PSP outfits in the PC game. I too, have these outfits in the Korea version. The outfits will give out the full stats just like as if you bought them for cookies. In my opinion, the PSP outfits is a bit bland to me. You can check the outfits that I have on Korea right here. So don't expect the outfits to be something that you will stick with for eternity. If you are a scratch card buyer, you will prefer those outfits than this. That's what you expect for a free outfit I suppose.

According to major gaming sites, Pangya Fantasy Golf is planned to release on June 26, 2009.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KR Update (4-15-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on April 16th from 6:00 ~ 10:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 5:00 ~ 9:00 PM on April 15th. A total of 4 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 10:00 AM (9:00 PM EDT).

5th Anniversary Event
- 2x experience items synthesis in magic box
- 5th Anniversary Aztec Balls
- Pangya logo will change to the 5th Anniversary logo

Promise Box Event Ends
- Promise Box event is now over. All remaining tickets will be deleted from your account.

32nd Scratch Card Set
- Lucia's SSAF + Exceed Voice Club
(Nurse outfits will no longer be available)

12th set Bongdari Set
- Blue and Pink Head set
(Devil's Tail will no longer be available. Does not mention about Dolfini headset)

Miracle Voice Clubset Resale
- Last year's Miracle Voice clubset will be on sale in the shop
- Lucia's voice will finally be added into the game

5th Anniversary Event Duration: 4-16-09 ~ 5-09-09

1) Magic Box x2 Items

This can be treated as a x4 experience event. Cadie's magic box will have a special treat for this event to combine your items into three different types of 2x exp items. This means having to level up in this server will be convenient now. I wished I spent my five promise tickets on the auto-calipers rather than the Joy Candies now... Remember that the experience multiplier will only go up to x4 (excluding small bonuses such as Promise Ring, 10% card, etc). This kind of event could only mean that this server might not see a double experience event for a long long time. Remember, the xp items will be sent directly to your account, not gifted.

2) Lucia's SSAF Set

The 5th anniversary celebration will like to bring Lucia's SSAF for a chance to win in the scratch card lottery. This full set comes with everything from head to toe. She will proudly wear her uniform to travel across the sea hoping to find the rarest gem of Pangya island!

3) 5th Anniversary Aztec

Just like last year, a new Aztec ball has been created in the world of Pangya to celebrate their 5th anniversary! During this event, you will be gifted ten Aztec balls each day when you log-in. You can receive your free balls up to ten times so don't be in a hurry to log-in every single day. If you can't get enough of these balls, you can head on over to the shop and purchase them in the shop yourself!

4) 5th Anniversary Aztec Pangya Logo

During this event when you hit Pangya, you will see this fabulous Pangya logo instead of the normal logo. It looks very nice.

5) Exceed Voice Club

The exceed voice club is finally here at last! This was first released on Japan a few months ago, and now it's Korea's turn to have them. The unique feature about this club set is that it makes your Characters talk in the game. The slight problem is that it's only available in the scratch card lottery along with Lucia's SSAF outfit. If the lottery isn't your thing, the old Miracle Voice Club that came out last year will be available in the shop again. Just like Japan's version of this club set, it will have edited and additional voices exclusive to this new club set.

Power: 6+5
Control: 8+4
Accuracy: 5+5
Spin: 2+1
Curve: 2+2
Obtain: Limited time sale from 4-16 ~ 5-7 / 58 cookies

Last year, they celebrated the launch of Super Swing Golf Season Two for the Nintendo Wii. With voices in the Wii game, it was then implemented into the PC game. Voices will be played for each Character such as: Tee, Pangya, OB, Win, Lose, etc. Lucia's voice will be added for this version of the club set too.

Power: 9+5
Control: 6+6
Accuracy: 6+6
Spin: 2+2
Curve: 2+3
Obtain: 32nd Scratch Set

The "Pangya" and "Opening Preview" voices will be new from the old Miracle Voice Club. The additional voices added to this club will be spoken when you sink your ball into the cup much like Japan's version. Different voices will be played depending on how well you did. It will go from bogey (or worse), par, birdie, eagle, and albatross. A hole-in-one voice depends on the stroke for that particular hole I suppose. The new Pangya voices will not have them cry out the word "Pangya" like Japan's version. However, Lucia does yells out "Pangya," but it may be from the old Miracle Voice Club set.

6) Lucia's Voice Uncovers

Lucia's voice will finally be added into the game so she won't be the only one being silent. The woman who did the voice is lee-yong-shin (이용신). She has performed voice roles before on both anime and video games. She is born on February 27, 1979. You can check her out by visiting her website located here.

7) 12th Bongdari Set

The pink and blue headset will be available in the Bongdari lottery (Black Papel Shop). In Japan's version it's treated like a feather with 7m and greater winds that gives you two pixel on your impact zone. Korea's version is very different than Japan's head set. Korea's head set will have no effect, but it will contain one caddy card slot. The head set will equip to the Character's ears. So if you like an extra caddy slot, you will have to lose the feather or the elf ears. What's very unique about this head set is that you can equip powerful caddy cards like Titanboo or Cadie without having to worry about switching outfits. The head set makes it a very flexible item for your cards, but with a price of not using a feather or an elf ear. That decision is up to you to decide which fits your play style.

8) New Motion Sneakpeek

I've shown this banner earlier that will reveal the next "motion item" for either Lucia, Arin, or Kooh.

"Fly with the wind.
Have a scent of the earth.
Become a close friend of the nature.
After all, you are on the record!"

Whew~ my hands hurt right now for all this typing and picture editing, but where else can you get info other than here? Even though the promise event is over, we still have another event on the way to keep us playing for more! I would like to level to National Pro will all these candies that I can make very easily with so much useless junk in my inventory.

I already own the miracle voice club set from last year. If anybody is interested in wanting the club set too you can email me your offers. My email address is located on the SLGaming Guidelines page.

This concludes this lengthy update.


Scratched up to 41 cards and won Exceed Voice Club. Want moar~ One more~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's about time

Yesterday, I decided to privately broadcast myself playing Pangya KR. I was surprised to see some of my longtime viewers coming to my channel. It reminded me how much I missed broadcasting on Justin.TV. So it's time to come back and do what I do best, playing my console games again.

The three reasons why I haven't been on Justin.TV is because of classes, Pangya's promise box event, and laziness. The promise box event is nearly over and I've collected all the rings except the mystic ring. Thankfully, a certain fruit revealed that the mystic ring isn't so powerful after all. So I don't even care about winning that last ring anymore. I'm basically burnt out for playing Pangya KR now so maybe a bit of console games will do me some good.

So what's the next game that I'm going to play? Luckily, I already have the game with me that I bought two weeks ago. It's an action role-playing game that includes a very interesting system called the Georama system that lets you build and populate the village from the ground up. Why can't our current-gen games be like this classic title. I really think role playing games as of today is not what it used to be back then. I tried playing recent games like Star Ocean 4, but it's mediocre gameplay lacked what I wanted from a RPG. I'd say if they concentrate more on a non-generic story rather than impressive graphics, the future of gaming can tide to the correct path once again.

Stay tuned this week. I will be broadcasting my next gaming project through the beginning to the very end. I will occasionally play other games for a little bit, and then go back to the main game again. The main game I'll be playing is Dark Cloud for the Playstation 2.

KR: 7th Motion Item Preview

After the long wait..

The 7th motion item has finally come

Just in time for the refreshing spring weather in the game of Pangya.
With the beautiful blue sky filled with the pleasant scent of nature.

A new motion item
Coming soon

It looks like the next Character to receive the new motion item will be either Lucia, Kooh, or Arin. To me, it looks just like Lucia wearing her brown PJ and fairy ears. The motion item theme looks like it'll have something to do with the feather wings. We'll look forward to this release in the near future along with the new headset sometime soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

KR's 5th Anniversary

Happy late Birthday Pangya KR! On April 9, 2009 they are five years old. I just found out today from GM Rami that posted it on the bulletin board.

So are they planning a 5th anniversary event? I know they did it last year. Start something small like a free 5th anniversary ball gifted once per day. It's also the day where they re-released some old rares too. But, I highly doubt it's going to happen again. We'll find out tomorrow to see what they are going to update besides the already mentioned head set Bongdari rare.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

KR Guide in the works

That's right, my famous Pangya FAQ will be back. The biggest question is, when will it be posted up? The answer is, I don't know...

I started on this project around mid-February. I update one section at a time so I won't get overwhelmed. Then all of a sudden, I lost interest on continuing. So I'm hoping around this month I can work on it some more before I lose my motivation again. There are some days where my imagination sparks, and then most times where I'm completely lazy to work on it. It's one of those side projects that I hope to accomplish soon.

Those thumbnails are some examples on some of the work. However, there are so much information that I haven't covered to be nearly complete. So who knows how long it'll be before I'm satisfy to post this guide up. Well there you have it, I thought I'd let you know that I'm working on a Pangya guide dedicated to Korea.