Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Promise Box Progression

So how is everyone doing with the promise box event? I remember when it first came out that it was completely screwed up. The box rate popping out from the hole was pretty good back then that I average around 6-10 boxes a round. Then when they finally fixed the event, it definitely showed that they dropped the rates big time. It's a little annoying when the rates were very good, but I suppose there's no complaining when you could win a ring that was available in the scratch card lottery for free.

I have collected three out of five rings so far. I won promise, crimson, and hybrid ring in that order. I think I've opened at least 500 boxes so far. At first I was boosting through every hole not caring about getting high score or pang. I wanted to collect the boxes really fast. But now I'm starting to play causally since I don't think rushing will do any good.

After this event is over next week, I'll probably take a break from playing. I've been playing non-stop due to the box event. I have tons of anime that I want to watch, and I haven't given much time on my console games either. Not to mention I hardly do any broadcasting on Justin.TV even though I've been promoted as a producer. Damn promise box event.