Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remember this?

Do any of you remember that I posted this announcement back in November of last year? So what exactly happened to it? Today, I finally remembered about this event so I'm going to tell you what is going on.

It was suppose to be an event for the Albatross18 community. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that I placed a small hint below Lucia's left shoulder. If you can't see it clearly it says, "Project VA." At first, some people thought I was going to start a podcast here on my site. That wasn't it. I'm not into the whole podcast matter, so that's not a possibility there.

So Project VA stands for: Project Voice Acting. Yes, I was going to make an event concerning about the Miracle Voice Clubs to be implemented into the Albatross18 servers. I was going to make this event where we the community will provide the voices for these Characters. I know that may sound silly to some of you, but this could very well be fun too. Who knows, maybe we have several talented voice actors in this game that is much better than a generic group of people doing the voices for us. Or if you simply hated the voices on Super Swing Golf for the Nintendo Wii.

Remember, I had this event planned back before we started to see hints of OGP falling apart into much deeper than before. So I was going to reveal this event around February 2009. However, in that particular month was around the time when we felt there was a strong possibility that Albatross18 will shut down for good. And not to my surprise, that's exactly what happened. So due to Albatross18's closure, I didn't feel like pursuing with this project anymore.

So what about Pangya USA? I'm sure they will listen a lot better than OGP, but the inspiration I had back then is not with me at this moment. I was determined before, but now I don't have that motivation to do this event anymore. Either you can talk to the producers of Pangya USA about the idea of using the community's voices, or have someone in the community host the event on the forums. If the producers wants to go for this, I have the event typed up already that is saved into my folder from last year. They can look over it in case they need reference because there are certain files that they need in order to make the clubs work nearly like Korea and Japan. Who knows, it doesn't have to follow exactly like Korea's method so there's a chance that you could mix up what voices to be played that Ntreev USA could request to the developers.

So there you go, that's what this whole coming soon thing was all about last year. I'm pretty sure most of you have probably forgotten that I posted that last year anyhow. You all might want to wait until Pangya USA settles down until you guys mention this to them. I think they prefer to get the server situation under control before they will start looking into this. I would be surprised if they already have this planned before I even posted this.