Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pangya PSP JPN Released

PSP Pangya 2009 Page

Pangya Portable for the PSP system has been released today over at Japan. Korea received their game last year around Christmas Day. From the looks of it, it doesn't look like Japan will have any special bundles that comes with a Kooh figurine like Korea did. I bet Japanese people are upset with this since I'm sure there are more pedos over at Japan than the people in Korea haha~

The game will come with a code that you can input in the PC game to receive PSP outfits for all the Characters (excluding Lucia). The code will also come with a special Air Knight club set.

TAKARATOMY company that handled the release of Japan's game will also release to America. TOMY Corporation located in Santa Ana, California will be producing the PSP game here. It will be called, Pangya Fantasy Golf. I'm sure Ntreev USA will be able to do the same as Japan did with the Air Knight club, and the PSP outfits in the PC game. I too, have these outfits in the Korea version. The outfits will give out the full stats just like as if you bought them for cookies. In my opinion, the PSP outfits is a bit bland to me. You can check the outfits that I have on Korea right here. So don't expect the outfits to be something that you will stick with for eternity. If you are a scratch card buyer, you will prefer those outfits than this. That's what you expect for a free outfit I suppose.

According to major gaming sites, Pangya Fantasy Golf is planned to release on June 26, 2009.