Saturday, April 11, 2009

KR Guide in the works

That's right, my famous Pangya FAQ will be back. The biggest question is, when will it be posted up? The answer is, I don't know...

I started on this project around mid-February. I update one section at a time so I won't get overwhelmed. Then all of a sudden, I lost interest on continuing. So I'm hoping around this month I can work on it some more before I lose my motivation again. There are some days where my imagination sparks, and then most times where I'm completely lazy to work on it. It's one of those side projects that I hope to accomplish soon.

Those thumbnails are some examples on some of the work. However, there are so much information that I haven't covered to be nearly complete. So who knows how long it'll be before I'm satisfy to post this guide up. Well there you have it, I thought I'd let you know that I'm working on a Pangya guide dedicated to Korea.