Friday, April 10, 2009

Card Designer Event Ends

Three Chosen Winners

Lucky Card

Designer: Kotomi

Effect: Increase lucky of find Mr. eCard's in 20%


This is a nice idea for a special time limit card. I suppose this increases the chance to win scratch card or tickets from the treasures.

PSquare Pro
Designer: Kururu

Effect: This card pays 50% of your next psquare purchase.


This card should be a 5 star instead! I would love to pay 4.5 million pang on a Cadie card~


Designer: Mainlless

Effect: Opponent : Pangya Impact Zone reduced


A card that ruins your opponent's game. Such a dangerous card, yet fun if you are the wielder of this card. :D

Card submissions

Thank you everyone for your custom card submissions. Three chosen winners will each receive two card packs gifted to their Korean accounts.