Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plagiarism Strikes Back

I don't enjoy bringing this crap up again, but it looks like some people still needs to wake up. This isn't the first time I had to post something like this. Here and here.

Today, I discovered someone using my Arin's new animation demo. Normally I do not mind as long as my name is credited somewhere where people can see. However, this is NOT the case. Here are two BIG things that really pissed me off:

First, as soon as my video starts, the person puts down his/her YouTube URL account like it's his/her own. This isn't your video, why do you think you deserve credit for spending 10 minutes on copying my video when I stayed up all night creating this.

And secondly, when I usually make these animation videos, I always put my URL at the end of the clip. Guess what this person did? He/She ended the clip before my URL even appears.

So I decided to give this person a chance to remove this video before I have to get really ugly with this. So this is what I said when I sent the message this morning:

"Clelson from is it? I would request that you remove my video right this minute. I will give you 1 day to remove it. Thank you."

The name "Clelson" sounds familiar to me. I think that name is the same person on the forum that always steals my work with no mention of my name at all. Although this is just speculation if this Clelson person on Youtube is the same from the forum. But there are two facts that this person is a Brazilian, and steals my Pangya work. Those two things cannot be a coincidence.

So I gave this person one day to remove the video. But it doesn't look like this Brazilian wants to cooperate. I recently found Clelson's recent comment that directed towards the Arin video.

What does hacking have anything to do with this?! I never said anything about Brazilians hacking. Even though Youtube videos are public, there are also rules to be followed too. Well since this statement, "I WILL NOT REMOVE THE VIDEO" has been said, then I will have to simply humiliate you in front of thousands of people who visits my site daily.

If you are reading this Clelson, then you made a big mistake to mess with me. I have already reported the stolen video, but I doubt any actions from them will be taken carefully anyways. Not only you are making yourself look bad, but also my thoughts about the Brazilian community too. You had your chance to avoid this, and I hate to do this, but if I don't do anything quick, then things will only get worse.

So if you guys wouldn't mind, bash this person's YouTube account for me please? It would make me feel much better and not close this blog down for good because of this one arrogant Brazilian.

Stolen Clip:
Clelson YouTube Channel: