Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KR Update (4-15-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on April 16th from 6:00 ~ 10:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 5:00 ~ 9:00 PM on April 15th. A total of 4 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 10:00 AM (9:00 PM EDT).

5th Anniversary Event
- 2x experience items synthesis in magic box
- 5th Anniversary Aztec Balls
- Pangya logo will change to the 5th Anniversary logo

Promise Box Event Ends
- Promise Box event is now over. All remaining tickets will be deleted from your account.

32nd Scratch Card Set
- Lucia's SSAF + Exceed Voice Club
(Nurse outfits will no longer be available)

12th set Bongdari Set
- Blue and Pink Head set
(Devil's Tail will no longer be available. Does not mention about Dolfini headset)

Miracle Voice Clubset Resale
- Last year's Miracle Voice clubset will be on sale in the shop
- Lucia's voice will finally be added into the game

5th Anniversary Event Duration: 4-16-09 ~ 5-09-09

1) Magic Box x2 Items

This can be treated as a x4 experience event. Cadie's magic box will have a special treat for this event to combine your items into three different types of 2x exp items. This means having to level up in this server will be convenient now. I wished I spent my five promise tickets on the auto-calipers rather than the Joy Candies now... Remember that the experience multiplier will only go up to x4 (excluding small bonuses such as Promise Ring, 10% card, etc). This kind of event could only mean that this server might not see a double experience event for a long long time. Remember, the xp items will be sent directly to your account, not gifted.

2) Lucia's SSAF Set

The 5th anniversary celebration will like to bring Lucia's SSAF for a chance to win in the scratch card lottery. This full set comes with everything from head to toe. She will proudly wear her uniform to travel across the sea hoping to find the rarest gem of Pangya island!

3) 5th Anniversary Aztec

Just like last year, a new Aztec ball has been created in the world of Pangya to celebrate their 5th anniversary! During this event, you will be gifted ten Aztec balls each day when you log-in. You can receive your free balls up to ten times so don't be in a hurry to log-in every single day. If you can't get enough of these balls, you can head on over to the shop and purchase them in the shop yourself!

4) 5th Anniversary Aztec Pangya Logo

During this event when you hit Pangya, you will see this fabulous Pangya logo instead of the normal logo. It looks very nice.

5) Exceed Voice Club

The exceed voice club is finally here at last! This was first released on Japan a few months ago, and now it's Korea's turn to have them. The unique feature about this club set is that it makes your Characters talk in the game. The slight problem is that it's only available in the scratch card lottery along with Lucia's SSAF outfit. If the lottery isn't your thing, the old Miracle Voice Club that came out last year will be available in the shop again. Just like Japan's version of this club set, it will have edited and additional voices exclusive to this new club set.

Power: 6+5
Control: 8+4
Accuracy: 5+5
Spin: 2+1
Curve: 2+2
Obtain: Limited time sale from 4-16 ~ 5-7 / 58 cookies

Last year, they celebrated the launch of Super Swing Golf Season Two for the Nintendo Wii. With voices in the Wii game, it was then implemented into the PC game. Voices will be played for each Character such as: Tee, Pangya, OB, Win, Lose, etc. Lucia's voice will be added for this version of the club set too.

Power: 9+5
Control: 6+6
Accuracy: 6+6
Spin: 2+2
Curve: 2+3
Obtain: 32nd Scratch Set

The "Pangya" and "Opening Preview" voices will be new from the old Miracle Voice Club. The additional voices added to this club will be spoken when you sink your ball into the cup much like Japan's version. Different voices will be played depending on how well you did. It will go from bogey (or worse), par, birdie, eagle, and albatross. A hole-in-one voice depends on the stroke for that particular hole I suppose. The new Pangya voices will not have them cry out the word "Pangya" like Japan's version. However, Lucia does yells out "Pangya," but it may be from the old Miracle Voice Club set.

6) Lucia's Voice Uncovers

Lucia's voice will finally be added into the game so she won't be the only one being silent. The woman who did the voice is lee-yong-shin (이용신). She has performed voice roles before on both anime and video games. She is born on February 27, 1979. You can check her out by visiting her website located here.

7) 12th Bongdari Set

The pink and blue headset will be available in the Bongdari lottery (Black Papel Shop). In Japan's version it's treated like a feather with 7m and greater winds that gives you two pixel on your impact zone. Korea's version is very different than Japan's head set. Korea's head set will have no effect, but it will contain one caddy card slot. The head set will equip to the Character's ears. So if you like an extra caddy slot, you will have to lose the feather or the elf ears. What's very unique about this head set is that you can equip powerful caddy cards like Titanboo or Cadie without having to worry about switching outfits. The head set makes it a very flexible item for your cards, but with a price of not using a feather or an elf ear. That decision is up to you to decide which fits your play style.

8) New Motion Sneakpeek

I've shown this banner earlier that will reveal the next "motion item" for either Lucia, Arin, or Kooh.

"Fly with the wind.
Have a scent of the earth.
Become a close friend of the nature.
After all, you are on the record!"

Whew~ my hands hurt right now for all this typing and picture editing, but where else can you get info other than here? Even though the promise event is over, we still have another event on the way to keep us playing for more! I would like to level to National Pro will all these candies that I can make very easily with so much useless junk in my inventory.

I already own the miracle voice club set from last year. If anybody is interested in wanting the club set too you can email me your offers. My email address is located on the SLGaming Guidelines page.

This concludes this lengthy update.


Scratched up to 41 cards and won Exceed Voice Club. Want moar~ One more~