Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pangya US Premeditation

Pangya US server is in quite a predicament for some time now and so far nothing has improved. To name a few problems right off the bat, we are talking about unrealistic scores, foreign languages, game bugs, incomplete contents, item hacking, and much more I could go on.

As for content wise, I do appreciate that Pangya US is packing lots of contents in the past few weeks. However, that will not be enough to forget the problems that the server is currently in.

So for all the people that plays Pangya US, here's a thought for you. Let's say that all the problems Pangya US is facing will never get resolved or continues to get worse. If that's the case, will you still continue to play the game?

There are players that continues to play Pangya US regardless of the problems. They have friends to play with and the determination to improve their records. They play for the sole purpose to have fun while avoiding the negatives. Then we have players who threatens to quit the game. However, that decision is hard for some people. Especially if you invested enough time and money on this game to think about throwing all of that away. Not to mention it's hard to quit if you have a huge passion for this game.

If you do plan on quitting, then say your goodbyes and move on. It doesn't help if you come back for the sole purpose of taking down this game because it doesn't affect you anymore. That doesn't make you any better than the problems Pangya US is currently in.

You have to decide yourself whether to quit the game, or continue to play despise all the problems. I am not stating that the problems will continue forever, but I'm only giving you a thought about "what if" the problems will never get fixed. There's a possibility for a miracle to happen, but you always have to look at the other side and think about what if that day doesn't come.

As for myself, I will continue to play with friends and spend a little bit of money regardless the problems will ever be fixed or not. I will stop until either I lost interest, or the server shuts down. Even if all the time and effort on my account will be gone someday, but having the memories of my enjoyable experience in this game will be something that Ntreev will never take away from me.

So think about that question I posted up. The purpose of this question is to tell yourself if a situation like this would occur, then what would you do? Let's keep the comments civil please.