Thursday, June 11, 2009

US Update Impression (6-11-09)

Oh my god I'm talking about Pangya USA now?! I figured I take the time to share my viewpoints about their new update today since they rarely bring content out to get their servers situated. Plus you guys might need some concrete information about these new contents that you may not know about from other servers.

Well I'll get started as soon as I get into the server first.

Tiki Report Scroll
It costs 300 pangs to purchase each scroll. The scroll can only be used in Tournament Mode, and it will automatically work upon purchase. When you finish the tournament before the time limit is up, you may freely exit the game by using 1 scroll with no penalty towards your quit rate. You will receive your earned pang, and be sent back into the lobby. Once the tournament ends for everybody in that room, the result scroll will be sent to your inventory. When you click on it, it will show the result screen where you got placed in. You will receive a trophy if you placed in the top ranking, and you will receive your experience points. You also need to be a Beginner E level or higher to use the scroll.

The scrolls on Korea came out on July 3th, 2007 during their Season 3 time. So you guys are like two years late... You can win several scrolls in Black Papel Shop easily, but it doesn't look like USA will be doing that. I've tried 100 times today and I didn't see anything. Usually 100 tries will get you around 30-35 scrolls on Korea.

New Revamp Tournament Mode
The new Tournament mode has been refined to make playing this mode more flexible. The host can start the game up if there are at least ten people or more in the room. Afterward, the room will still be available for players to enter late. There is a time limit if the room has not filled up after it has started. If the tournament is 18 holes long, there are 10 minutes before it closes regardless if the room is full or not. If it's 9 holes long, there are only 5 minutes left.

If someone quits in a full room, that person cannot go back into that same room until the round is over. Also when people quit the game, someone else can take their spot. When top or low level players come in and out, the trophey level indicator will let everyone know what level the room is going for. The level will change constantly until the room closes from people entering late.

And yes, this new mode also came out two years ago during their Season 3 time on Korea. This mode makes it so much easier to start tournament rooms with enough players for a chance to get a trophy without having to worry about people quitting. But also, this does not give you control of the room when people join in the game that has already started. Most importantly, do not forget to equip your items before you head into the room late. Because once you go in, you will automatically be started on the first hole to get underway.

The scrolls and the revamp tournament mode is possibility the greatest update by itself. It really changes the way people play Pangya now, and you'll love it.

This is highway robbery. Fantasy Golf Pangya will be arriving the end of this month for the PSP. So to promote the game, players can buy overpriced PSP signature outfits that Characters wear in the PSP game. I got all of these outfit for... free when I purchased the PSP game from Korea. I inserted the code and it gifted every single one of them to my Korean account. It looks great at first, but it won't appeal to you much longer. I honestly don't see the hype over these outfits. It's very glossy to me, and the biggest problem is that the transparency is bugged on several outfits. Whether that part will be fixed in the near future, who knows. So! Do you feel like spending $13-17 on an outfit set that you will probably wear for a week, and switch back to the appealing scratch rare outfits again? It doesn't appear to be a limited time sale either unless it's a typo on their part. Do not think I'm discouraging you to not buy the sets either, I'm just stating my opinions.

A clubset that looks more violent than the Spike Hammer Clubset. This club requires you to be Beginner D level or higher to use it. It doesn't do anything special except that it makes your Characters look like they are set off to kill someone with blood stains rusting on the blade. Nonsense! That blood could be coming from a phoen... I mean Azte... I mean comet balls right? This clubset will be available on sale until July 8th.

I'll get to the point here. This is not the clubset that widens your Pangya zone! So this club doesn't do anything special either. Actually, I don't understand why it's a dollar cheaper than the other PSP club that has one control more. To be exact, when you use the code from the PSP game, this club was gifted for free toward any new players that are just starting on Pangya KR. Japan didn't follow this pattern, but at least they were thoughtful enough to give this club a full 12 control stat boost. This clubset will be available on sale until July 8th.

Here's another PSP content, two new phoe... az.. COMET balls. I seriously won't get used to that name change. I'm surprised the price are the same as the exclusive earth balls. These new comet balls might be worth to get for collection purposes, or use it for good or evil on Pangya island. Which side are you on? The az.. comet balls will be available on sale until July 8th.

Runner's Package eh? From the looks of it, I thought it was for a limited time, but apparently not. Maybe the Auto Caliper sales are obviously not going so well, so they figured they will add more items in the same package with it to make it look like it's a great deal or whatever. Well let's see how much it saves to buy this package rather than individually.

Runner's Package = 7,000 Points
Includes Auto Caliper set, Time Booster set, Pang Mastery set, Silent Wind set

Time Booster set = 1,200 Points
Silent Wind set = 1,300 Points
Pang Mastery set = 2,300 Points
Auto Calipers set = 3,000 Points
= 7,800 Points

So you only save .80 cents. It's a nice package no doubt, but I can live without Silent Wind and Time Boosters. Because I have plenty of Silent Winds from doing previous scratch card lotteries, and plenty of Time Boosters from Cadie's Magic Box. So really, it doesn't look encouraging to buy this package at all.

This event runs very similar to Korea's promise box event with a few exceptions.

So you have to play the game to receive points. It's a pretty generic event that most Pangya event runs. Plus if you play even longer, you receive an extra boost of points so you are encouraged to grab plenty of coffee and adult diapers to play your heart out.

Most prizes are given out in limited quantities that could be gone forever, or refill once per hour. And there are two prizes that can be redeemed endlessly. There doesn't seem to be a restriction on getting the prizes unlike Korea. On Korea, you could only choose one of the one hour prizes per day, but it doesn't say anything on Pangya USA about that.

As for Pang Ramyon, it's a caddy that gives the same stats as Cadie, Control +2 & Accuracy +2. Ramyon is spelled correctly since that's how it's pronounced in Korea. But if you want to call it Ramen instead, then go for it. This caddy appears on Korea if you have PC Bang enabled and it's basically forever to keep. However, Pang Ramyon on USA, it will only last for 30 days and then expires. Thankfully, all prizes are gifted instead so you can choose when to use it. But honestly why waste 1,500 points for it. If it was Sporty Pipin with +1 stats on everything, then that might be ok.

Now let's take this news across the ocean, Nippon! It's pretty straightforward update. Last year's Vocaloid outfits will be making a comeback in the shop for a limited time. Outfits for Ken, Erika, and Kooh. I'm still curious to see why Korea put those content on their server, and if they plan to release it.