Wednesday, June 3, 2009

200 Player Tour.

GM Rami from Pangya KR posted today explaining about their 200 player tournament room that only they can host. A couple of weeks ago, they opened up their 200 player tourney to test out the server's capacity. However, things didn't go so well and Tomato was there to witness the disaster. As for me, I was in bed when this happened. Damn timezones.

Anyways, Hanbitsoft hosted these tournaments before so this will be Ntreev's first time to try out this system. So instead of setting up the room on the two main servers, there will be an exclusive server with Lolo's icon on it to host the 200 player tournament there. Anybody can enter and it's first come first serve basis. It's ridiculous to see 200 players on screen when you are used to seeing only 30.

Luckily, I have old pictures of the 200 player tourney on my abandoned Zoints page. So let's take a refresher on how it looked before, and how it'll probably look now.

The 200 player tournament was located on a separate server so it won't collapse. I took a screenshot just in time when it appeared. You be amazed to see how fast it'll fill up if you are not fast to get in.

Wow, so many people under one room. The course is set to random.

So the game begins, with about 40+ opening messages all at once.

Here are 200 players on overhead view lol.

5th Place!!

Everyone that participates in the 200 player tourney receives 1 scratch card in your gift section.

So first place gets a scratch rare picked by the GMs. So if you manage to see a *ding-dong* announcement or you see a Lolo server pop up, be sure to check it out and see if you can get in. Sadly, they will probably host these rooms at the time when I'm asleep... Maybe one day I'll stay up late and see if I can catch one.

GM Rami also mentions that nickname change will become available sometime this month. And yeah, it's about time already.