Thursday, June 4, 2009

JPN Update (6-04-09)

The 2nd Vocaloid event is underway. The event will last until July 9th so you have a full month. Inside today's content, Arin will receive the Megurine Luka setup, an event to collect points for a TakoLuka hat for every Character, and a remix version of Shining Sand, Nowhere.

You can download the song on the link above. I contain both the vocals and instrument versions of the song. I really don't like the vocals so I much prefer listening to the instruments only. When the game opens up you will be treated by the vocal music of nowhere being played in the background. The password to unzip the file is sweatdrop. Obviously!

The outfit came out really well than I expected. It certainly lived up to the hype, and the hair is a definite buy that players need to purchase before the event is over. No complaints here, I give it a thumbs up.

There are Luka squid hats after all so I read it correctly before it released. There's really no point in buying them when there's an event going on that players can receive one of each hats for free by simply playing the game. The stats on the TakoLuka are Spin 1+1 and Accuracy +1.

You may click on the thumbnail for a larger view. All you basically do in this simple event is to play rounds to accumulate TP (Tako Points). The more time you spend playing, the higher points you receive. I believe it's 10 minutes played per 1 TP. Each TakoLuka hats are worth 50 TP for each Character. As a freebie, every accounts will have 50 TP to start with so players can go ahead and pick their free hat. Unlike most Pangya servers, Japan doesn't carry seasonal accessory items permanently in the shop like the regular Tako hats you can see on both Korea and US. It's rainy season now so bad weather rates will be increased.