Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Name Changes

I don't know about you, but some of us (even myself) need to get into the habit of using the new names that Pangya US created. I can generally accept most of the new names since those are the original names from Korea. However there are some names that I wished were left alone.

Here's a short example that I listed out. I know there are more than this, but this is to show the difference from Albatross18 to Pangya US.

Albatross18 | Pangya US
Scout | Nuri
Uncle Bob | Azer
Pipin | Pippin
Lola | Lolo
Brie | Cadie
Aristo | Lemmy
Boo | Puff
Doom | Cocoa
Hugo | Billy
Air Lance | Air Knight
Phoenix Ball | Comet Ball
Mr. eCard | Scratchy Card
Astros | Points
PSquare | ??

I'll go through some of them from the top of my head about some of the new changes here.

- The mascot names are the one where I'll never remember. Hell, I had to look up the mascot's name from Albatross18 because it's way to different from Korea. The only acceptable name change is from Hugo to Billy since that's the same name from Korea. Lemmy is Rami, and the two mochi mascots are white and black jerry. It's going to be hard for me to use Pangya US names on these mascots.

- No more Mr. eCard! Even though it can be pronouced as "Mystery Card." Anyhow, I would much prefer the new name without the "y."

- There is Bob to Azer now. You know what, I grow quite a liking to the old A18 name. I'm serious. I can type out Azer in text no problem, but when it comes to spoken words, I'll end up saying Bob because he's well.. Bob!

- I really want to avoid calling it PSQ or PSquare. Actually, I have no clue what its called on Pangya US now. Pangya world?

- Oh and you know what else is going to confuse even more? It's when new players that has played Pangya PSP will wonder why the names are different from the PSP to the PC game. I bet you after that game has been out for awhile, a new player will post on the forums about that.