Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Arin Luka Sneakpeek

Only two days left before the Megurine Luka event begins on Pangya JPN. They have updated the event site to show preview of Luka's outfit on Arin. You can check the page and see for yourself.

Thanks to 4gamers site, they have released some interesting news and images about the upcoming update this week. The most obvious update is a new setup for Arin to look identical to the new Vocaloid Character, Megurine Luka.

I completely like this outfit, especially the Luka pink wig that you can mess with different outfits to give Arin a fresh new look. The outfit has that semi-gloss texture that really shines without making it look dull and bland. I can tell they put a great efforts into Luka's outfit on Arin. Just like last year's Vocaloid event, this outfit will be available in the shop for a limited time. They will probably have a special Arin package with the Luka set for a special price that is cheaper than buying each stuff individually. So if you already own Arin when you buy the package, you will receive pang on the amount she's worth when buying alone.

The images on the bottom are thumbnails that you can click on to enlarge the image. Take a look at Arin's awesomeness. If you look closely on the pictures, fat bird Hato has been replaced fufufu~ I do hope there's a possible chance that a Luka squid hat will be available in the shop. There's a good day to look forward to on Thursday~