Friday, June 26, 2009

4th Friday Posting

1) Scratchy Card Thoughts

Kodomo no Jikan ftw~
On Pangya US, the majority of players has disapproved the new Scratchy Card system. Rather than buying the cards in the store, you have to spend points to receive the cards for free. Calling it "free" is a very misleading word, especially since you are forced to spend all of your points to get as much cards as you can. Trying 2-4 tickets at a time is not recommended for this lottery, you will need all the scratchy cards you can get for a higher chance to win.

I do feel bad for all the Pangya US players for having to experience this unfortunate event. You all deserve the same treatment as people get from other sucessful Pangya servers like Thai, Japan, and Korea. Scratchy Card system is not to be taken lightly, and Ntreev USA should take that into consideration. Scratchy rares contains some of the most strongest and best items in the game. They cannot be compared to cash items in the shop either, and I'm afraid that's what Ntreev USA did not foretold.

I hate to say this, but the chances for them to change the Scartchy card system is very slim. The system is set in stone by the developers from Korea. So I cannot see how Ntreev US will have permission to mess with the mechanics. So rather than changing the system around, let's make it where scratchy cards can be obtained from other methods besides spending points only.

Here are some suggestions that I'll randomly list that could lighten up the negatives from this system:

1) On Season 4, allow players to win Scratchy tickets or cards from Papel Shop, and Treasure Boxes (see more on my KR Pangya guide for details).

2) When I say Scratchy ticket, it's a ticket that you can transform 10 of them into 1 Scratchy card on Cadie's Cauldron.

3) GM host tournament events often, and prizes will be one scratchy card for participation.

4) If GMs did confirm the winning rates are the same as OGP, then those numbers need to be a bit higher for compensation. Especially if the cards cannot be sold or purchased from other people.

5) A Scratchy trading system. It has been mentioned that it's possible from a GM, but this will most likely be considered a rumor until it has been approved by the main officials first. If it's like A18's trading event, then it's a good step in the right direction at least.

6) Sell or buy Scratchy rares. Wait... nevermind. Pang hackers.

7) Change from spending points to receive cards to purchasing points to receive cards. Most people would rather wait and conserve their points for future cash shop items to come out. Not many people would want to spend their points on auto calipers and time boosters alone.

This may be hard to say this to a lot of disappointed players, but I'd say give them time. Give them a chance to redeem themselves to try and work with the developer. They just launched this system this week so it's still time for improvements.

2) New SLGaming Banner

I figured I need a new banner so I asked my friend Fresca to make me a new one. I didn't know what to put on the banner at the time. I explained that I wanted something where I multitask playing both console games and Pangya. So that's pretty much exactly what it shows on my banner. So thank you Fresca for making me a new banner.

3) Fantasy Golf Pangya LIVE

I've played though Fantasy Golf Pangya a little bit. I have not finished the Korean version so I am more encouraged to play through the story mode completely on the English version. I would have broadcasted the game last night, but as I said earlier, my video card is almost dead. At certain times, it'll show strange colors and static lines all over the screen. I need that video card to be able to broadcast my PSP perfectly the way I want it. I know there are softwares out there to record what's shown on your screen, but I do not want to mess with that.

I am expected to get my video card tomorrow. So if you do not own a PSP that likes to see the game, then this is your lucky chance. I'll be playing through the entire story mode to learn more about each Character's background and personality better. I may even do dialog commentary even though I've never tested the limits of my voice acting role. I suppose we'll find that out shortly won't we? I'll be sure to have a water bottle right beside me before my throat gets parched. I don't know how the heck I'll do the girl's voice. I've lost my high pitch voice a long time ago.