Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Limits of Suggestions

This is something that I've been holding it in for a long time that I want to say it and be done with it. But before I begin, I am not trying to discourage people to make suggestions on the Pangya USA forum.

People who has posted suggestions on Pangya US forum will most likely have their topic washed away like the majority of threads. It's not that people's suggestions are not taken seriously, but some people need to understand the difference between what the publisher (Ntreev US) can or cannot do unlike the developer (Ntreev KR).

Before you are about to make a suggestion, you have to think whether your idea is something Ntreev US will take into consideration. You can try and see what will happen, but I would not recommend taking more than thirty minutes of your time to post a suggestion that may or may not be worth their time. Back on OGPlanet when Pangya was still around, there was a popular thread about someone creating a new Character design that should be implemented into the game. The thread activity lasted long and it was getting popular, but no matter how many people approves your ideas, it doesn't make your idea possible due to the publisher's limitations. The publisher could request the idea to the Korean developers, but it really depends whether it's worth their time or not. In most cases, it's not something both the publisher and developer will want to deal with either.

Like I said, I'm not discouraging anyone to post their suggestions on the forum. I'm just giving you something to think about if this thought has not occurred to any of you. I would hate to see someone plan an idea that wants to see it through to the end, but it ends up being forgotten within a week or less.

If the suggestion is something that the GMs can do without having to edit the game, then it might be worth posting. If you are suggesting an idea to implement into the game, the chances for that to happen are slim.

Some people have to remember that Ntreev US does not have complete control to make new changes within the game. Rather than trying to change the game, try changing your ways to deal with it. I cannot say that any easier without sounding negative to that. Anything that are released from older Pangya servers are probably the only clues to look forward to on your server.

One more thing, Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads out there~