Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KR Update (6-25-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on June 25th from 7:00 ~ 10:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 6:00 ~ 9:00 PM on June 24th. A total of 3 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 10:00 AM (9:00 PM EDT).

1) Card Vial Extractions

On Cadie's Magic Box, you can combine one lily flower and one testing vial to make one of three level vials: Low level, Medium level, or High level extractions.

Low level extraction: This vial is the most common vial you'll find, and it has a very low success rate to extract cards from Character's outfits. You will be lucky if the vial works.

Medium level extraction:
This vial is uncommon to find, and it has a moderate success rate to extract the cards. Think of it as flipping a coin that will decide whether it'll be successful or not.

High level extraction: This vial is the rarest of all. There is no way the extraction will fail so this vial is highly dependable, and possibility the most sought out of all the vials.

- Testing vial costs 500 pang each in the shop
- Lily flower can be obtained from a green box that may pop up randomly from each hole
- You may sell or buy the lily and the vials from player's shop

2) Card Restrictions

Since the card extraction system is enabled, there will be a new ruling that will take effect now. You cannot sell outfits with cards attached to them anymore. However, you can sell outfits with no cards on it, or sell the cards itself. The cards that has been extracted by the vials can still be sold or purchased from player's shops.

Watch as all the card prices will drop tremendously, excluding the special cards of course.

3) Card Extraction Demo

On Cadie's Magic Box, I will tribute 1x lily flower and 1x testing vial for one random vial. There will be a high chance to receive a vial that has low success rate, and a low chance to receive a vial that has a higher rate, and so forth.

Go to your inventory and select the vial you want to use. On the image above, a list to the left is your entire collection that has cards equipped on it. I will select the western dress for Lucia. On the right, it will show all the cards that are equipped on that selected outfit. It has two curve +1 cards, and one Cadie (low) card.

You will get a message reminding that the vial could fail. Once you agree to this, the vial will do its magic as you see on the image above. Once the liquid inside that vial empties...

Oh no, the card extraction has failed! It's expected since I choose the low level extraction vial. Let's try again!

Alright, this time I'll use the medium extraction vial. I hope this works...

Success! The vial worked and all the cards in that outfit has been removed and placed back in your inventory.

You may use the cards again on a different outfit, or sell it to someone.

4) Thoughts on Card Extraction

This is what Korea needed. I was very tired of using my same Characters with the same outfits because I have my most powerful cards setup on them. Thanks to this system, I can freely move my best cards to something different without having to worry about being stuck with it.

This system will also boost sales on cookie outfits now. People only purchased scratch card outfits (like me) because you cannot sell cookie items to other people. This system basically changes everything. The cost on outfits, the low demand on cards, the variety of players with different outfits, and you can enjoy playing with different Characters or outfits that you couldn't afford purchasing more cards for the setup.

Thanks to this new system, I may want to purchase Kooh's waitress set now. Just before, I did not want to buy Kooh's cookie dress because of cards, but now I don't have to worry about that anymore. Good business thinking there Ntreev.

I already have plenty of control cards, Titanboo, Cadie, and Quma cards. I can say that I have no need to gamble on card packs anymore. I even have secret Cadie card too. So basically, I'm all set. Now I just need to play and get those lily flowers! Remember, if you have the motion items equipped, you receive two of them instead of one.