Monday, August 31, 2009

KR Update (9-01-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on September 1st from 4:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM. Eastern time will be from 3:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM on August 31st. A total of 7 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 11:00 AM (10:00 PM EDT).

Content Remove
1) Vocaloid 1st set
- Kooh, Nuri, & Hana outfit removal
- Leek club removal

2) 08 & 09 Swimsuits
- Swimsuits & Accessories removal

3) Watermelon Aztec
- 50% sales and content removal

4) Card Pack Discount
- 3 + 1 special package removal

Didn't mean to bring your hopes up. No new contents today, just lots of removing. Vocaloid outfits are gone, the leek clubs, summer sales, etc. I'm surprised they didn't leave the new 09 swimwear accessories as they did with the early versions. So I pretty much missed my chance to get Hana's new hairpiece now. Guess I'll have to wait next year to release it again hopefully.

There are lots of disappointments from today's long server maintenance, but we all know that Eastern Valley is just around the corner. They could also throw a big event to celebrate their new course too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

KR Eastern Valley Complete

신규코스 "이스턴밸리" 업데이트

A New Course "Eastern Valley" Update

I knew Korea would be announcing this release soon, and it's about time. The teaser site features a flash video clip to view this wonderful and exciting course. The music is well done to match the oriental theme of the new course. Eastern Valley has probably the most beautiful scenery from all the other Pangya courses yet. Whenever it releases, I will video record and add my own commentary as I play through this course for the first time ever.

This course is designed that even novice players can enjoy. The difficulty level is still questioned to be either 1 or 2. The course is set to release early September of this year. Both Korea and Japan may receive a simultaneous launch. Players can expect this course to come out very soon.

There are a handful of NPCs shown on the trailer that plays an important role to make the course look more lively.

Arin ready to tee off. She's wearing her Korean Hanbok dress to match with the course's theme.

You hear that gramps? We're having visitors coming over soon.

This part of the trailer looks like they are hinting that you will hear music coming from these kinds of NPCs. I can imagine them syncing their instruments to the music played on the background. Guess we'll have to see when it's released.

A scenery of the new course. Reminds you a little bit of Pink Wind right?

It is scheduled to release early September 2009.

There are more details about their early development of this new course. Strangely, I have an old picture that resembled very much to the early development picture right here. I checked the date and it was posted around November 2008. So this course was planned last year ago? Quite a funny coincidence.

Eastern Valley Theme


8/27 11:51 PM
- Flash trailer added
- More in-depth details founded
- Repaked Eastern Valley theme song for clearer quality

© 2009, All rights reserved. This material may be copied online once credited to the rightful owner.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Approach Mode Depth

"Phase 4 is now scheduled for 08/26 (in PDT) maintenance where we will be releasing Approach/Pang Battle Mode!" - GMChaos

This Thursday, Pangya US will be releasing Approach mode in their server. The main concept of this mode is to gain treasures by getting closer to the hole from everyone else, and complete mission objectives. I like to go over some information about this mode so you can be prepared. As for Pang battle mode that's releasing this week too, well...that's not important right now.

Approach mode is only about getting the treasures. To break it down, there are two ways to receive treasures in this mode.

1) Close to Pin
You will be rewarded treasures based on what you place on each hole from other players. In a full 30 player room, the top 4 players will be rewarded with treasures. 1st place will receives 4 and 4th place receive only 1. At the end of the round, the result screen will display the total distances from every players in the room. The top players with less total distances from everyone else will receive treasures as well.

2) Mission Objectives
Each holes may have a mission. Missions can range from specific players to everyone in the room. Some missions provide exclusive rewards towards your equipment, while some have missions where people have to work together so everyone receives the treasure. You are not competing in this mode only for yourself, but you will need to cooperate to other players too.

What kind of missions can we expect?

I'm not sure if the missions from Korea will be provided the same for this server. I can give some examples on what you might see. Some missions are solos, while some you have to "communicate" with other players in the room for a chance of everyone to receive treasures.

- If a player with (insert mascot here) gets 1st place, everyone will receive 2 treasures.

- If players of (male or female) all gets top 3 place, everyone will receive 1 treasure.

- If a player with (even or odd) yards remaining from 1st place, everyone will receive 1 treasure.

- If players with (even or odd) yards remaining all gets top 3 place, everyone will receive 1 treasure.

- If player with (insert caddy here) is equipped, that player will receive 2 treasures at the end of the hole.

- All players in the room must be within (5, 10, 15) yards from the hole, everyone will receive 2 treasures.

- All players must shoot (before or after) 20 seconds on the clock, everyone will receive 2 treasures.

- If players who makes a chip will receive 3 treasures.

- Only someone gets (3rd, 9th, 23th, etc) place in this hole, that person will receive 4 treasures.

Are there any concerns to Approach mode?

Approach mode can be fun and rewarding once you get the right people in the room. However, the bad side to this mode is that it can also make enemies as well. You will experience players not following what they are told to do, and competing for treasures for their own benefit. Then there will be players that will end up quitting in the middle of the game.

Another big concern is the language barrier for the missions. This issue does not apply to every Pangya servers since most of them have only a single language in their country. Pangya US is the international server of players playing from all over the world that may pose a problem. It could go worse as having to separate between English and foreign players. That may sound harsh and a bit racist to some of you, but how else can you run a smooth approach mode room if nobody follows the missions properly?

This is probably where the forum comes in if all else fails. Players may have to organize a group of players and a time to meet up. This does however separates outsiders from taking part of this new mode. Before I get ahead of myself, this is something the community of Pangya US will have to solve on their own. I'm not going to explain exactly how Korea handles their Approach mode game. The difference between US and Korea are far much different than you guys. I do not mean to say that in a negative way, but simply copying how Korea organizes their approach mode game may not be suited for the community on the US server. All I can say is, keep it simple and don't make it complicated where you may get too involved.


- There are 6, 20, 30 slots for players. 3, 6, 9 holes duration. The time limit is always set to 40 seconds on each hole. There is no control on changing the course because it is set to random.

- It's better to get a full room of 30 players. The more players, the highest chance of missions to appear on each hole.

- The first hole begins where everyone's position is scattered around the green. Afterward, everyone will be in the same spot.

- There are times when there are no missions on each hole. In that case, the only option to do is to get closer to the hole as best as you can.

- If you quit during the game, it does not effect your quit rate.

- When players quit in the middle of the game, it effects the remaining players in the room. The missions on each hole may not appear often, top rank position shown on result screen from each hole will suffer, treasure bonus deteriorates, etc. It is not recommended to quit even though you are doing poorly.

- If you chip the hole, it counts as an OUT. Some missions will be canceled if you receive an OUT. Upon an OUT, the distance based on how far you were away from the cup before your shot will be added to your total distance at the end of the round.

- Each colored boxes will be different based on the course difficulty. Obviously, if you play a higher level course, you will receive better items in the boxes than an easy course.

- Approach mode treasure items will be the same as if you were playing VS or Tournament mode.

And that's a wrap

So what about this Pang Battle mode? Alright... All players blah blah wager pang on each hole blah blah winner takes all. If it's a tie on that hole blah blah the wages increases to the next hole blah blah until somebody wins.

Now that's out of the way, these modes will be released this Thursday on Pangya US after server maintenance Wednesday night. Oh, if you have large bundles of auto-calipers you don't like to waste, then I do not recommend you coming to Approach mode since it will drain your calipers in no time. It does count as 1 caliper used per hole. You can win some great useful items easily from the treasures such as car...wait disregard that part. Well you can get those scratch tick...oh right it's not there either. Well, you might get a scratchy card?! While I think of some more encouraging words, just go out there and win some stuff! But most importantly, try to have fun with it.

© 2009, All rights reserved. This material may be copied online once credited to the rightful owner.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eastern Valley Revealed

Around mid-May, I have reported about a mysterious picture that looks related to Pangya. This was posted by a GM staff from Japan that recently opened his own personal Pangya blog.

A few days later, GM Rami from Pangya KR announced from the development team that a new course will be released on their server in the future. More pictures has been posted to get a better visual on the new map. There is a picture of the tee-shot area above a giant waterfall, and the vast landscape view.

A month later after the two reports of the new course, once again Japan reveals more pictures regarding the course's theme. The course will have a Chinese oriental environment along with the non playable mascots wondering the map with the oriental look. This also concerns how and why Japan has been revealing new information about the new course more often than Korea.

Yesterday, there has been an announcement to reveal the name of the 16th course by Gamepot company that runs Pangya in Japan. Initially, this course had a code name of both "Oriental" and "Panda" but the official name of this new course is Eastern Valley.

I find it quite peculiar as to why the new course information are mostly from Japan rather than Korea. I would find it even more weird if Japan receives the new course first before Korea. The time difference between Korea and Japan receiving both Season 4 and Lost Seaway close to five months apart.

On Gamepot's website, you will find a press release info pertaining the new course on their Pangya server. Then when I investigated the website, I see nothing on their current news. They are probably busy releasing the new Natural server beta. I will keep an eye for any new content regarding the new course.

Keep in mind that Ntreev developer is working alone since Hanbitsoft's contract expired around February of this year. It must be rough running their own Pangya game along with other MMO games to maintain. Not to mention they have to handle other Pangya contents too. This could be related as to why the contents over at US are not handled properly. This is all speculation, but there may be a possibility that's close enough to the truth there.

Of course I did not forget about that contest I held on the month of May. On that month, we didn't know the name of the course. So I decided to host a small and simple event where people had to take a wild guess on what it will be called. People were to submit their answers to my site's email address.

I am very happy to see 110 participants in this contest. Now let's see if anybody got close enough or hit exactly on the name.

That is unbelievable close! It's missing the "ern" on the word "east" but that's quite impressive nevertheless. After searching through piles of email submissions, I finally found the name of our lucky winner, Black2key.

I believe he has requested the prize for Pangya US so he will be awarded 15,000 points. Since you cannot gift the points directly, I have stated that I will gift items of the amount equal to or less than 15,000. The winner will email me which items he wants to receive.

Congratulations to Black2key.

EDIT: Just realized the gifting function is disabled. How unfortunate, well I do hope it's fixed soon. Such bad timing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KR Natural Server Update (8-20-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server and website maintenance on August 20th from 8:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM. Eastern time converts to 7:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM on August 19th. A total of 4 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 12:00 PM (11:00 PM EDT).

Content Update
- Natural Server added
- Ghost mode data resets
- Special 3+1 card discount begins details
- Rookie channel and benefits are removed
- Ribbon title added for loss of former president

Before I begin, there has been a death of another former president, Kim Dae-jung (김대중). He was the 15th president of South Korea and he served his term in office from 2-25-98 to 2-24-03. He has died today at the age of 65 from multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. He is a great man that won the Nobel Peace Prize award that makes him the first president to receive it. It has been three months since I covered a suicide death of a former president, Roh Moo-hyun (노무현). On behalf of me and all the readers of SLGaming, may we be reminded of these two men today. May they forever rest in peace.

To honor Kim Dae-jung, Korea will be replacing a new logo on the bottom right corner when taking a screenshot, and a new launcher to remind a great man like him. This will continue for a while until it switches back to normal.

On August 13th, the GMs has revealed their hidden project to be implemented into the game. A red envelope will appear on the main site that will say something similar to this:

August 20, 2009 will open a new server
"Sense" and "feeling" is all in the game!
A new feeling, in a new way
We invite you to the Natural server

The new Natural server will be added for the sole purpose to play the fantasy golf game without the fantasy in the name. You play by your own judgment and feel as if it was a real golf game.

The GMs wants to invite 128 players to help beta test a new system (Pangya Championship) to report any bugs to fix. Players are to rush to the bulletin board posted by Titangboo to enter as first come first serve basis. The announcement has ended on a single day and the beta testers has already been selected. Unfortunately, I did not sign up in time because I was... in bed. I snooze, I lose. Some of you may have heard that a red fruit has been selected as a beta tester.

These testers will participate in the championship that will begin on August 31st through September 6th. On August 21st ~ 28th before the tournament starts, they will need to schedule a time to play a match against their opponent. The GMs mentioned the schedule could change without notice so testers are to check the site often for any further changes to the dates or features.

Now today, they have made another announcement about their upcoming release of the Natural server in beta mode available for everyone coming on the 20th. A reminder from the GMs that the schedule and times are subject to change. They have also announced what to expect from this new server. Remember, these effects are only active on the Natural server. Both Pipin and Quma servers will not have this effect.

1) There are two changes on the wind meter: angle sways consistently & hidden wind speed.

"Sense" and "feeling" is all in the game!

Angle Sways Consistently (Feeling)
Wind angles will constantly move back and forth when setting up your shot, and while the ball is in mid-air. Angle movement will vary that will either be close together or far apart. A wind angle can sway from 40~50 degrees while some cases it can go 10~40. Probably the best way is to find the middle of where the angle readings are moving back and forth. There are maybe other alternative methods, but you have to get the feel for it to get the right adjustments.

Hidden Wind Speed (Sense)
Instead of numbers, you are treated with three different colors to determine wind speed. The order from weakest to strongest are: green, yellow, and red. You have to sense how much power the wind is pushing depending on the color.

2) The amount of pangs earned in the natural server beta will be adjusted.

- Base Pang
This has increased to where a single Albatross score will net you a grand 200-210 pangs only. Pay attention to the score pang you receive on each hole to see the difference.

- Chip-in Pang
It doesn't matter how you chip, the pang you receive only matters on distance alone. So backspin or toma chip will give you the same amount of pang. Basically, stick with power shots for greater chance of chipping the hole. Pangs for chipping has been decreased for some odd reason.

3) Separate Records

Course records on natural server beta will have their own record list

4) Pangs earned on natural server beta will be carried over when it ends

5) You may use Family mode on natural server beta for practice.

The server layout will be changed as well during beta period. They will remove the rookie channel and the benefits on all servers. The new beginner channel is where both rookie and beginners can enter. So there will be 3 servers, with 4 channels each.

Pipin, Quma, and Natural Server
- Beginner Channel
- Intermediate Channel
- Free 1 Channel
- Free 2 Channel

Now we have a new event that will open on the 20th this week to celebrate the launch of the Natural server beta. There are three different events going on at once. This is an open beta available for everyone to participate.

Event 1 = 15 Course Natural Challenge

There are 4 different time periods with specific courses that needs to be played. Here's a list I made below for you.

1st Set
Time Period: 8-20 ~ 8-26
Results Announced: 8-27

5 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Lost Seaway, Pink Wind, Blue Lagoon, West Wiz, Ice Spa"
2nd Set
Time Period: 8-27 ~ 9-02
Results Announced: 9-03

2 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Shining Sand, Ice Cannon"
3rd Set
Time Period: 9-03 ~ 9-09
Results Announced: 9-10

4 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Blue Moon, Sepia Wind, Blue Water, White Wiz"
4th Set
Time Period: 9-10 ~ 9-16
Results Announced: 9-17

4 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Wiz Wiz, Silvia Cannon, Wind Hill, Deep Inferno"

All of the 15 courses has to be played on the Natural server in this event. Each sets contains specific courses that everyone needs to compete for a chance to win the Air Knight 3 clubs. In order to win, you have to get the highest record from all the other players before the time limit. It is possible that the same person could get the highest record on more than one courses. Once each sets are over, the winners that scores a record higher than anybody on the selected courses will be announced and gifted.

There are 15 courses & 15 chances to win this powerful club.

Event 2 = 'Natural' Tell me~

"Natural Server is... _______"
You basically fill in the blanks on what it should say, and the winners will be handpicked on August 26th. You submit your guess on the GM bulletin board posted by Titangboo. You are allowed more than one answer too.

Up to 26 prizes including the most powerful card in the game, Cadie (SC). Five winners will get the full set of the 36th scratch rares. And lastly, twenty winners will receive a black Bongdari umbrella. It's a rainy season so show your Pangya pride by bringing this with you.

Event 3 = 2x Experience Weekend

From 8-20 ~ 9-17, double experience will happen every weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun). This is only on the Natural server.

Pangya Championship Beta Opens~

Championship beta finally begins today. From now until the 30th, 128 beta testers are needed to register to match up with their opponent for a one-on-one match. The course will be played on Blue Lagoon. 20:00 ~ 24:00 are scheduled to setup in between those times so which ever time works for both players, it will be assigned on the ranking list listed here.

On the main site, they have added a new tab up top called "
Competitions". This is where beta players are to go to setup their appointment times for the match.

The first match will begin on the 31st between 20:00 ~ 24:00. If you do not sign up in time before the 30th, or not show up, your opponent automatically moves up, and you forfeit the match. It will start with the full 128 players, then it'll downsize to 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and finally the winner. Two players who loses the semi-finals will be automatically placed in 3rd. The finals will determine who will be 2nd or 1st. The prizes will be handed to the top 3 players in the Pangya championship beta.

1st Place (x1) - 1,000 Cookies + Air Knight 3 Clubset
2nd Place (x1) - 500 Cookies
3rd Place (x2) - 300 Cookies

8/19 8:10 AM
- Added schedule downtime on top of the post.

8/20 11:45 PM
- 3 color wind HUD info
- Separate course record on regular and natural plays
- Amount of pangs earned are adjusted info
- Event 2 'Natural' Tell me~ info
- 128 beta player are for Pangya Championship only
- 2x exp only on Natural server

8/21 1:27 PM
- Pangya Championship info added

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pangya Gambling

Most online games promotes gambling in a way to keep you playing. You take a risk in hope of a favorable outcome. Gambling is starting to grow on online games recently. The most common form of gambling is to spend either in-game or real money currency.

In most countries, internet gambling with real money is illegal. You wager your own money without knowing the outcome until it happens. Addiction is another concern that may be beyond your control to stop spending until you win something out of it.

All of this relates to a game that we all love, hate, and play: Pangya

So why do we gamble and take needless risks? A simple answer would be to get the rarest items or cards. That part is mostly true, but some gamble for other various reasons. Players often do it for the thrill or to gain self-esteem. Several loves the sense of anticipation that creates an adrenalin rush to keep them engaged. It's even a great way to pass time too. If that's the case, there are other methods you can gain the same treatment without the use of gamble.

Gambling is simply entertainment. Sometimes you win or lose, that's the true nature of it.

Online games are designed to make money and Pangya is no exception to that. Pangya is free to play, but they need their income to increase the longevity of the game. That's why the gamble system is created. In order to make a gamble system successful, it has to be treated fairly. Instead of the company are the only ones happy with their large amount of income, the players need to be in the same mood as them too. If both sides are happy, then there will be a long term relationship.

Then there are faults that can turn the gamble system into a greed system. The rates are tampered where thousands of players online are spending until they finally win. In this case, the company will receive a huge income from it, but it leaves players in the dust. This kind of business strategy only promotes anger and disappointments to the environment. This also puts a toll on people who do not have the ability to walk away or return back with a greater vengeance to gamble more.

The rates may not be the only concern to worry about, it's mainly about how it works outside of that. If rates are low, and the rares are the only option to win, then there's a problem with that. It needs to be encouraged to let players receive the rares. If the rates won't change, then there needs to be other methods such as events to give away coupons for the lottery or rare items. Or a new system to be implemented to give players hope.

Scratch Cards and Card Holic system are Pangya's greatest income. If more gamble systems are going to be released in the near future, it should be made to make players happy as they spend their own hard earned money. Don't lose control and track your spendings. Keep in mind, if you don’t learn how to handle your own money, Ntreev company will do it for you once it becomes their money.

© 2009, All rights reserved. This material may be copied online once credited to the rightful owner.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Card Holic System Depth

1) Opening

Pangya US has released Phase 3 of Season 4 today: Card Holic System. This morning, I have time to explain how this card system works without you having to search all over the place for direct answers. Also, I'll make this explanation very easy to understand as possible. This system may be confusing at first, but once you get the basic concept of it, it's really not that complicated.

2) Introduction

The card system adds another layer of extra features that can help your game. There are different types of cards that either equips on your Character's outfit, or cards that is used for one time and disappears.

3) Card slots

Shirt = Character and Caddy card

Pant = Character card only

Headgear = Character card only

Shoe = Caddy card only

There are certain cases where card slots will be different depending on the outfit design. Let's say if one outfit equips on all shirt, pant, and headgear, then there will be 3x Character card and 1x Caddy card on that single piece. As for special cards, they cannot be equipped unlike the Character and Caddy cards. It disappears upon activating it.

Shirt + Pant "Combo" = 2x Character 1x Caddy

Shirt + Headgear "Combo" = 2x Character 1x Caddy

Shirt + Pant + Headgear "Combo" = 3x Character 1x Caddy

4) Card Effects

(N) 1 star - Normal
(R) - 2 star - Rare
(SR) - 3 star - Super Rare
(SC) - 4 star - Secret Rare

Character Cards

#1. Nuri (N) - Character - Spinslot +1

#2. Nuri (R) - Character - Controlslot +1

#3. Hana (N) - Character - Curveslot +1

#4. Hana (R) - Character - Curveslot +2

#5. Hana (SR) - Character - Curveslot +3

#6. Azer (N) - Character - Spinslot +1

#7. Kooh (N) - Character - Powerslot +1

#8. Kooh (R) - Character - Controlslot +1

#9. Cecilia (N) - Character - Accuracyslot +1

#10. Cecilia (R) - Character - Accuracyslot +2

#11. Cecilia (SR) - Character - Accuracy +2 & Curveslot+1

#12. Max (N) - Character - Powerslot +1

#13. Max (R) - Character - Powerslot +1 & Accuracyslot +1

#14. Max (SR) - Character - Powerslot +2 & Accuracyslot +1

#15. Arin (N) - Character - Accuracyslot +1

#16. Arin (R) - Character - Accuracyslot +1 & Curveslot +1

#17. Arin (SR) - Character - Accuracyslot +1 + Curveslot +2

#18. Kaz (N) - Character - Spinslot +1

#19. Kaz (R) - Character - Powerslot +1 & Spinslot +1
Caddy Cards

#20. Papel (N) - Caddy - Success rate increase (low)

#21. Papel (R) - Caddy - Success rate increase (medium)

#22. Pippin (N) - Caddy - Maximum distance increase by +1 yard (low)

#23. Titanboo (R) - Caddy - Speed of wind is decreased by 1m (low)

#24. Lolo (N) - Caddy - Powershot maximum distance is increased by +2 yards (low)

#25. Lolo (R) - Caddy - Powershot maximum distance is increased by +4 yards (medium)

#26. Lolo (SR) - Caddy - Powershot maximum distance is increased by +6 yards (high)

#27. Quma (N) - Caddy - Combo gauge increased at Pangya by +1 pixel (low)

#28. Quma (R) - Caddy - Combo gauge increased at Pangya by +2 pixels (medium)

#29. Cadie (SR) - Caddy - Impact zone increased by +1 pixel (low)

#30. Cadie (SC) - Caddy - Impact zone increased by +2 pixels (medium)
Special Cards

#31. Fundamentals (R) - Special - Adds experience +10

#32. Cocoa's Sweetness (N) - Special - 10% pang boost for 2 hours

#33. Puff's Joy (N) - Special - 10% experience boost for 2 hours

#34. Unknown Card

#35. Pippin's Cheer (N) - Special - Power +1 for 2 hours

#36. Cadie's Steady Magic (R) - Special - Control +1 for 2 hours

#37. Tiki's Blessing (N) - Special - Accuracy +1 for 2 hours

#38. Dolfini's Trick (R) - Special - Spin +1 for 2 hours

#39. Quma's Encouragement (N) - Special - Curve +1 for 2 hours

#40. Caddie Support (R) - Special - Starting power gauge increased for 2 hours

#41. Billy's Bag (SR) - Special - Item slot increased by +1 for 2 hours

5) Question & Answers

Q. Can you remove cards from outfits?
A. No, once you attach the card, you cannot take it off. There is a new system that remove cards on outfits, but it's currently unknown at this point whether it will come on Pangya US. You can check out the card removal system for more details.

Q. Can you place a new card over an existing card attached on the outfits?
A. Yes, you can overlap with a new card. Remember, that the overlap card will disappear if doing so.

Q. Can you equip Special cards on outfits like the Character and Caddy cards?
A. Special cards are treated differently. It's used for one-time only. Special cards can range from gaining an effect for a certain amount of time, or you will receive the effect instantly.

Q. Is it restricted to equip Character cards on specific Characters?
A. No, Character cards can be equipped on any Character. The picture on the cards are just for show.

Q. What are the strongest cards in this card set?

Q. Will more cards be available later on?
A. It's a possibility, yes. There may be a volume 2 card pack on the way with all new cards inside. Think of it as real life booster packs you see in stores that contains their own sets of cards. Don't expect volume 2 pack to come out anytime soon though. Guessing in 3 years? Korea doesn't even have volume 2 card pack yet.

Q. How come I attached several spin cards on my outfit, but my spin stats didn't increase at all?
A. That's because cards only increase the slots. You will have to upgrade to get your extra spin bonus. Pay close attention to the card's description carefully.

Q. How many cards are inside a single card pack?
A. 3

Q. Are there other methods to receive card packs besides purchasing them?
A. According to this post from a GM, the only way to get card packs is in the shop. It looks like there's no way to get "card tickets" from treasure boxes like the other servers.

Q. So what is this card ticket that isn't implemented on Pangya US?

A. A card ticket contain only 1 card inside. Card tickets has three different levels: bronze, silver, and gold. The greater the level, the higher chance to receive a rarer card. You can only get these card tickets from the treasure boxes.

Q. So what's the maximum amount of cards you can equip on a single Character?
A. 3 Character & 2 Caddy cards.

Q. In your opinion, what is the best card setup for a single Character?
A. 3x control card (Character), 1x secret Cadie (Caddy), 1x Titanboo or Quma (Caddy)

Q. When I use a special card with a time limit on it, how will I know how much time is remaining on the card when I use it?

A. There's a card icon on the top right corner. Click on it to reveal how much time your special card will last. The time limit is counted in real time, and even if you log out, the time will still keep going regardless. You cannot cancel the time-limit cards either once activated so you will have to wait until the time is up.

Q. What's the price to purchase a card pack in the shop?
A. 1800 Points ($1.80)

Q. Can you sell or trade cards to people?
A. Since shop is not fully functional, who knows. You'll have to wait until that function comes back where you can start selling items again to find out. As for trading, cards cannot be traded in the mailbox system. Also note that outfits with cards equipped on it cannot be sent in the mailbox system either.

Q. Are there certain restrictions equipping cards on cash and pang outfits?
A. No, you can equip cards on either one of them.

Q. How's the card rate going to get a good rare?
A. It's random. You simply either get lucky or unlucky.

Q. How come other stuff doesn't have card slots like the glove?
A. Because it's not suppose to have card slots on there to begin with.

Q. Does Titanboo card give you 0m wind?
A. No. If normal wind is 1m, you will get 1m regardless.

Q. Can you combine two Caddy cards together to make it stronger?
A. By combining, you mean having the same card effects combined? That won't work. So if you use two Titanboo cards, you will only get the -1m effect. Also, combining Caddy cards with a small and big boost will only take the highest one while the small boost is negated. Here are some examples to make it clearer.

Titanboo + Titanboo = 1m wind effect
Lolo (R) + Lolo (SR) =
+6 yard increase only on powershots
Quma (N) + Quma (N) = +1 pixel bonus on combo gauge

Q. So can you combine Character cards on a single setup?
You can combine or stack Character cards unlike Caddy cards. So you can use three Nuri(R) control card if you like and you will receive a total of Controlslot +3.

Q. What's wrong with card number #34?
A. A card that never was implemented in Korea, so that same concept will apply to Pangya US. Supposedly, I think it's the Pang Pouch special card that gives you a small amount of pang. So remember that #34 is just blank.

Q. Can you use more than one time-limit special cards?

A. Yes, there are no limits on using more than one time-limit cards. You can also extend the time further. So if you use two of the same card now, it will be active for 4 hours.

Q. I want to attach cards on my outfit that I'm wearing now, but I cannot find that outfit on the list to attach the card on. Where is it?
A. The outfits must be unequipped in order to make it selectable to attach cards on it.

Q. What are the pro and cons of this card system?
Pro: Helps improve your game.
Con: Restrict yourself with one Character and one outfit equipped with the best cards in the game. Unless you don't switch outfits or Characters around often, then this nullifies the disadvantage part for you.

Q. Will there be any future items that will have card slots on them?
A. Yes, the headsets that will be available on the Papel lottery shop in the future. It equips on your ear, and it will contain one caddy slot on it.
*Added on 8-16-09*

Q. Can the control stats go over the 30 limit amount when I equip control cards?

A. Yes you can, but going over 30 doesn't make it slower. So if you have a control stats of 33 just like how the picture is shown, treat it like it's 30. (I added control ring, that's why it shows 33/32)

Q. Just for fun, what is the maximum control you can get on the US server?
A. 34 until more future items come out.

Q. Does card effects work on Family mode?
A. It's suppose to, but I'm hearing from players that it's not working. It works fine on the KR server, so it's probably a bug. If you like to practice with your new cards before playing, you can try ghost mode.

Q. Explain in details how card #31 "Fundamentals" works?
A. You gain 10 experience points and the card disappears.

Q. Could I get a visual example of how much the Quma card gives you on the combo gauge?
A. Check it out here. The left picture is a regular Pangya shot, and the right is a Pangya shot with powerspin.
*Added on 8-23-09*

Q. What is a combo gauge?
A. During the game, it's your 3 bar meter on your name card that is used to make a powershot.

Q. What is an impact zone?
A. It's the white line on your Pangya bar to hit a Pangya.

Q. Is there a problem of cards not working like it's suppose to?
A. To be honest, I don't think I've ever encountered this bug before. At some case, this glitch may happen to some of you. If you feel like the cards are not activating properly, try unequip the outfit with the cards on it, and re-equip back again.

Q. Explain in details how card #22 "Pippin" works?
A. This can be treated as a crimson ring, only with a +1 yd bonus. To make it simple, it increases Wood, Iron, and Wedge club distances by +1 yards. Ex. 250 1W drive -> 251 | 180 2I drive -> 181 | 230 2W drive w/powershot -> 241.

Q. Explain in details how card #24-26 "Lolo" works?
A. This only works when you are doing a powershot. So if my 1W drive is 264 and I activate powershot w/Lolo(SR) I would have 274+6 = 280 yd distance. This will also work for every other clubs if you use a powershot.

Q. Explain in details how card #20-21 "Papel" works?
A. It increases the success rate of items such as Generic Nerve Stabilizer & Generic Lucky Pangya from failing on you. Both items have a 30% chance of not working, and these cards are to help improve favorable odds for you.

*If there are any more questions, feel free to comment and I'll be glad to answer it*

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