Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Approach Mode Depth

"Phase 4 is now scheduled for 08/26 (in PDT) maintenance where we will be releasing Approach/Pang Battle Mode!" - GMChaos

This Thursday, Pangya US will be releasing Approach mode in their server. The main concept of this mode is to gain treasures by getting closer to the hole from everyone else, and complete mission objectives. I like to go over some information about this mode so you can be prepared. As for Pang battle mode that's releasing this week too, well...that's not important right now.

Approach mode is only about getting the treasures. To break it down, there are two ways to receive treasures in this mode.

1) Close to Pin
You will be rewarded treasures based on what you place on each hole from other players. In a full 30 player room, the top 4 players will be rewarded with treasures. 1st place will receives 4 and 4th place receive only 1. At the end of the round, the result screen will display the total distances from every players in the room. The top players with less total distances from everyone else will receive treasures as well.

2) Mission Objectives
Each holes may have a mission. Missions can range from specific players to everyone in the room. Some missions provide exclusive rewards towards your equipment, while some have missions where people have to work together so everyone receives the treasure. You are not competing in this mode only for yourself, but you will need to cooperate to other players too.

What kind of missions can we expect?

I'm not sure if the missions from Korea will be provided the same for this server. I can give some examples on what you might see. Some missions are solos, while some you have to "communicate" with other players in the room for a chance of everyone to receive treasures.

- If a player with (insert mascot here) gets 1st place, everyone will receive 2 treasures.

- If players of (male or female) all gets top 3 place, everyone will receive 1 treasure.

- If a player with (even or odd) yards remaining from 1st place, everyone will receive 1 treasure.

- If players with (even or odd) yards remaining all gets top 3 place, everyone will receive 1 treasure.

- If player with (insert caddy here) is equipped, that player will receive 2 treasures at the end of the hole.

- All players in the room must be within (5, 10, 15) yards from the hole, everyone will receive 2 treasures.

- All players must shoot (before or after) 20 seconds on the clock, everyone will receive 2 treasures.

- If players who makes a chip will receive 3 treasures.

- Only someone gets (3rd, 9th, 23th, etc) place in this hole, that person will receive 4 treasures.

Are there any concerns to Approach mode?

Approach mode can be fun and rewarding once you get the right people in the room. However, the bad side to this mode is that it can also make enemies as well. You will experience players not following what they are told to do, and competing for treasures for their own benefit. Then there will be players that will end up quitting in the middle of the game.

Another big concern is the language barrier for the missions. This issue does not apply to every Pangya servers since most of them have only a single language in their country. Pangya US is the international server of players playing from all over the world that may pose a problem. It could go worse as having to separate between English and foreign players. That may sound harsh and a bit racist to some of you, but how else can you run a smooth approach mode room if nobody follows the missions properly?

This is probably where the forum comes in if all else fails. Players may have to organize a group of players and a time to meet up. This does however separates outsiders from taking part of this new mode. Before I get ahead of myself, this is something the community of Pangya US will have to solve on their own. I'm not going to explain exactly how Korea handles their Approach mode game. The difference between US and Korea are far much different than you guys. I do not mean to say that in a negative way, but simply copying how Korea organizes their approach mode game may not be suited for the community on the US server. All I can say is, keep it simple and don't make it complicated where you may get too involved.


- There are 6, 20, 30 slots for players. 3, 6, 9 holes duration. The time limit is always set to 40 seconds on each hole. There is no control on changing the course because it is set to random.

- It's better to get a full room of 30 players. The more players, the highest chance of missions to appear on each hole.

- The first hole begins where everyone's position is scattered around the green. Afterward, everyone will be in the same spot.

- There are times when there are no missions on each hole. In that case, the only option to do is to get closer to the hole as best as you can.

- If you quit during the game, it does not effect your quit rate.

- When players quit in the middle of the game, it effects the remaining players in the room. The missions on each hole may not appear often, top rank position shown on result screen from each hole will suffer, treasure bonus deteriorates, etc. It is not recommended to quit even though you are doing poorly.

- If you chip the hole, it counts as an OUT. Some missions will be canceled if you receive an OUT. Upon an OUT, the distance based on how far you were away from the cup before your shot will be added to your total distance at the end of the round.

- Each colored boxes will be different based on the course difficulty. Obviously, if you play a higher level course, you will receive better items in the boxes than an easy course.

- Approach mode treasure items will be the same as if you were playing VS or Tournament mode.

And that's a wrap

So what about this Pang Battle mode? Alright... All players blah blah wager pang on each hole blah blah winner takes all. If it's a tie on that hole blah blah the wages increases to the next hole blah blah until somebody wins.

Now that's out of the way, these modes will be released this Thursday on Pangya US after server maintenance Wednesday night. Oh, if you have large bundles of auto-calipers you don't like to waste, then I do not recommend you coming to Approach mode since it will drain your calipers in no time. It does count as 1 caliper used per hole. You can win some great useful items easily from the treasures such as car...wait disregard that part. Well you can get those scratch tick...oh right it's not there either. Well, you might get a scratchy card?! While I think of some more encouraging words, just go out there and win some stuff! But most importantly, try to have fun with it.

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