Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back from Korea

I am finally back home from South Korea. This marks as my fourth visit over there. My three weeks of vacation lasted longer than I had anticipated, possibly because there are so much to do there in the big city of Seoul. Overall, I had a wonderful time, and I stayed in their apartment home with my Mom's family. They took care of me and they've taken me to all sorts of places along with new things I haven't seen over my last few visits.

It's a grand experience to me since I live in a boring town with hardly anything to do. I do feel more stronger and energized than before thanks to my vacation. I suppose when you experience traveling around the world, you gain this inner feeling that gets you up and going.

I want to share what I experienced so maybe one day you may be interested to travel to Seoul, South Korea.

I can't begin to explain how crowded it can get. Grocery stores, subway stations, parks, stores, etc. I had my shares of bumping and people bumping into me plenty of times. When that happens, you would usually look at the person and say "sorry" before moving on. In Korea, if you bump into someone, you don't react at all. I'm not sure how to think whether if that's rude not to say sorry or not. Even the "excuse me" part I rarely hear, they just squeeze past you if you are in the way. I suppose the way I see it, these kinds of things are normal in their lifestyle so there's no need to make it an issue.

Car, subway, bus, or walking. These are all of your choices to travel to different places. I've done my shares of both walking and subways. It's even an option to own a car since you have other transportation without having to deal with heavy traffic or vehicle accidents. I most likely hear the car horn blowing like once every 2 minutes or so. Cars are like maybe an inch away from your rear, so driving is very aggressive there.

This is one subject that cannot be ignored. If you like to experience new foods in your life, then you can welcome Korean food anytime. I have noticed that I've seen more fat Koreans than my last visit four years ago. Mostly, I've seen more fat women than men. I believe their foods has gotten more rich lately. I say it that way because I exercise almost every day, and I can't seem to lose at least a pound from my body. Also, I'm sure the rice is the biggest blame of them all. The starch in rice will really make you gain weight unless you exercise before it turns into fat.

Most typical Korean restaurants there are tables you can either sit on the floor, or a chair. Of course I can't get comfortable sitting on the floor eating but I manage. They will automatically serve you water along with several side dish foods. There are some restaurants that only have one main dish that will serve to you so you don't even have to order.

Food prices has always been cheap as usual. It's almost as you get more than what you've payed for if you find the right restaurants. There are also American chains in Korea like, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Outback Steakhouse, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, and more. Their menus are a little different like my Bulgogi burger for example I had at McDonalds. I'd say the price is more expensive than America. An interesting fact is that you don't leave tips in restaurants. As for electronics, they are quite expensive.

I've seen places from country side to big cities. The country side of Korea is very relaxing if you want to escape from busy crowds and noises. It certainly was a good getaway for awhile. I took a tour bus to see the country side of Korea. As I'm walking in the city, I always examine every little details. As I turn into a different corner, there's always a building no matter where I look.

And many more
There's more, but I have little time now to continue on. If you like to learn more about Korea, then pop in a message in the comment box and I'll be happy to answer it the best I can.

Right now, my sleeping pattern is messed up. I slept all day on Monday, and now I'm awake around three in the morning. It'll take a couple of days until I fully recover again.

Also, my real life starts real soon. I'm finally going to transfer to a University, and my full time job awaits too. So I'm going to busy at this time to get prepared for my future. This means I will barely have any free time than before. So stay tuned for my announcement about my decision on what to do with my SLGaming site. But most importantly, I do miss you guys.