Thursday, August 27, 2009

KR Eastern Valley Complete

신규코스 "이스턴밸리" 업데이트

A New Course "Eastern Valley" Update

I knew Korea would be announcing this release soon, and it's about time. The teaser site features a flash video clip to view this wonderful and exciting course. The music is well done to match the oriental theme of the new course. Eastern Valley has probably the most beautiful scenery from all the other Pangya courses yet. Whenever it releases, I will video record and add my own commentary as I play through this course for the first time ever.

This course is designed that even novice players can enjoy. The difficulty level is still questioned to be either 1 or 2. The course is set to release early September of this year. Both Korea and Japan may receive a simultaneous launch. Players can expect this course to come out very soon.

There are a handful of NPCs shown on the trailer that plays an important role to make the course look more lively.

Arin ready to tee off. She's wearing her Korean Hanbok dress to match with the course's theme.

You hear that gramps? We're having visitors coming over soon.

This part of the trailer looks like they are hinting that you will hear music coming from these kinds of NPCs. I can imagine them syncing their instruments to the music played on the background. Guess we'll have to see when it's released.

A scenery of the new course. Reminds you a little bit of Pink Wind right?

It is scheduled to release early September 2009.

There are more details about their early development of this new course. Strangely, I have an old picture that resembled very much to the early development picture right here. I checked the date and it was posted around November 2008. So this course was planned last year ago? Quite a funny coincidence.

Eastern Valley Theme


8/27 11:51 PM
- Flash trailer added
- More in-depth details founded
- Repaked Eastern Valley theme song for clearer quality

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