Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KR Natural Server Update (8-20-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server and website maintenance on August 20th from 8:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM. Eastern time converts to 7:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM on August 19th. A total of 4 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 12:00 PM (11:00 PM EDT).

Content Update
- Natural Server added
- Ghost mode data resets
- Special 3+1 card discount begins details
- Rookie channel and benefits are removed
- Ribbon title added for loss of former president

Before I begin, there has been a death of another former president, Kim Dae-jung (김대중). He was the 15th president of South Korea and he served his term in office from 2-25-98 to 2-24-03. He has died today at the age of 65 from multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. He is a great man that won the Nobel Peace Prize award that makes him the first president to receive it. It has been three months since I covered a suicide death of a former president, Roh Moo-hyun (노무현). On behalf of me and all the readers of SLGaming, may we be reminded of these two men today. May they forever rest in peace.

To honor Kim Dae-jung, Korea will be replacing a new logo on the bottom right corner when taking a screenshot, and a new launcher to remind a great man like him. This will continue for a while until it switches back to normal.

On August 13th, the GMs has revealed their hidden project to be implemented into the game. A red envelope will appear on the main site that will say something similar to this:

August 20, 2009 will open a new server
"Sense" and "feeling" is all in the game!
A new feeling, in a new way
We invite you to the Natural server

The new Natural server will be added for the sole purpose to play the fantasy golf game without the fantasy in the name. You play by your own judgment and feel as if it was a real golf game.

The GMs wants to invite 128 players to help beta test a new system (Pangya Championship) to report any bugs to fix. Players are to rush to the bulletin board posted by Titangboo to enter as first come first serve basis. The announcement has ended on a single day and the beta testers has already been selected. Unfortunately, I did not sign up in time because I was... in bed. I snooze, I lose. Some of you may have heard that a red fruit has been selected as a beta tester.

These testers will participate in the championship that will begin on August 31st through September 6th. On August 21st ~ 28th before the tournament starts, they will need to schedule a time to play a match against their opponent. The GMs mentioned the schedule could change without notice so testers are to check the site often for any further changes to the dates or features.

Now today, they have made another announcement about their upcoming release of the Natural server in beta mode available for everyone coming on the 20th. A reminder from the GMs that the schedule and times are subject to change. They have also announced what to expect from this new server. Remember, these effects are only active on the Natural server. Both Pipin and Quma servers will not have this effect.

1) There are two changes on the wind meter: angle sways consistently & hidden wind speed.

"Sense" and "feeling" is all in the game!

Angle Sways Consistently (Feeling)
Wind angles will constantly move back and forth when setting up your shot, and while the ball is in mid-air. Angle movement will vary that will either be close together or far apart. A wind angle can sway from 40~50 degrees while some cases it can go 10~40. Probably the best way is to find the middle of where the angle readings are moving back and forth. There are maybe other alternative methods, but you have to get the feel for it to get the right adjustments.

Hidden Wind Speed (Sense)
Instead of numbers, you are treated with three different colors to determine wind speed. The order from weakest to strongest are: green, yellow, and red. You have to sense how much power the wind is pushing depending on the color.

2) The amount of pangs earned in the natural server beta will be adjusted.

- Base Pang
This has increased to where a single Albatross score will net you a grand 200-210 pangs only. Pay attention to the score pang you receive on each hole to see the difference.

- Chip-in Pang
It doesn't matter how you chip, the pang you receive only matters on distance alone. So backspin or toma chip will give you the same amount of pang. Basically, stick with power shots for greater chance of chipping the hole. Pangs for chipping has been decreased for some odd reason.

3) Separate Records

Course records on natural server beta will have their own record list

4) Pangs earned on natural server beta will be carried over when it ends

5) You may use Family mode on natural server beta for practice.

The server layout will be changed as well during beta period. They will remove the rookie channel and the benefits on all servers. The new beginner channel is where both rookie and beginners can enter. So there will be 3 servers, with 4 channels each.

Pipin, Quma, and Natural Server
- Beginner Channel
- Intermediate Channel
- Free 1 Channel
- Free 2 Channel

Now we have a new event that will open on the 20th this week to celebrate the launch of the Natural server beta. There are three different events going on at once. This is an open beta available for everyone to participate.

Event 1 = 15 Course Natural Challenge

There are 4 different time periods with specific courses that needs to be played. Here's a list I made below for you.

1st Set
Time Period: 8-20 ~ 8-26
Results Announced: 8-27

5 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Lost Seaway, Pink Wind, Blue Lagoon, West Wiz, Ice Spa"
2nd Set
Time Period: 8-27 ~ 9-02
Results Announced: 9-03

2 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Shining Sand, Ice Cannon"
3rd Set
Time Period: 9-03 ~ 9-09
Results Announced: 9-10

4 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Blue Moon, Sepia Wind, Blue Water, White Wiz"
4th Set
Time Period: 9-10 ~ 9-16
Results Announced: 9-17

4 Courses to compete against your opponents

"Wiz Wiz, Silvia Cannon, Wind Hill, Deep Inferno"

All of the 15 courses has to be played on the Natural server in this event. Each sets contains specific courses that everyone needs to compete for a chance to win the Air Knight 3 clubs. In order to win, you have to get the highest record from all the other players before the time limit. It is possible that the same person could get the highest record on more than one courses. Once each sets are over, the winners that scores a record higher than anybody on the selected courses will be announced and gifted.

There are 15 courses & 15 chances to win this powerful club.

Event 2 = 'Natural' Tell me~

"Natural Server is... _______"
You basically fill in the blanks on what it should say, and the winners will be handpicked on August 26th. You submit your guess on the GM bulletin board posted by Titangboo. You are allowed more than one answer too.

Up to 26 prizes including the most powerful card in the game, Cadie (SC). Five winners will get the full set of the 36th scratch rares. And lastly, twenty winners will receive a black Bongdari umbrella. It's a rainy season so show your Pangya pride by bringing this with you.

Event 3 = 2x Experience Weekend

From 8-20 ~ 9-17, double experience will happen every weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun). This is only on the Natural server.

Pangya Championship Beta Opens~

Championship beta finally begins today. From now until the 30th, 128 beta testers are needed to register to match up with their opponent for a one-on-one match. The course will be played on Blue Lagoon. 20:00 ~ 24:00 are scheduled to setup in between those times so which ever time works for both players, it will be assigned on the ranking list listed here.

On the main site, they have added a new tab up top called "
Competitions". This is where beta players are to go to setup their appointment times for the match.

The first match will begin on the 31st between 20:00 ~ 24:00. If you do not sign up in time before the 30th, or not show up, your opponent automatically moves up, and you forfeit the match. It will start with the full 128 players, then it'll downsize to 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and finally the winner. Two players who loses the semi-finals will be automatically placed in 3rd. The finals will determine who will be 2nd or 1st. The prizes will be handed to the top 3 players in the Pangya championship beta.

1st Place (x1) - 1,000 Cookies + Air Knight 3 Clubset
2nd Place (x1) - 500 Cookies
3rd Place (x2) - 300 Cookies

8/19 8:10 AM
- Added schedule downtime on top of the post.

8/20 11:45 PM
- 3 color wind HUD info
- Separate course record on regular and natural plays
- Amount of pangs earned are adjusted info
- Event 2 'Natural' Tell me~ info
- 128 beta player are for Pangya Championship only
- 2x exp only on Natural server

8/21 1:27 PM
- Pangya Championship info added