Thursday, August 13, 2009

Card Holic System Depth

1) Opening

Pangya US has released Phase 3 of Season 4 today: Card Holic System. This morning, I have time to explain how this card system works without you having to search all over the place for direct answers. Also, I'll make this explanation very easy to understand as possible. This system may be confusing at first, but once you get the basic concept of it, it's really not that complicated.

2) Introduction

The card system adds another layer of extra features that can help your game. There are different types of cards that either equips on your Character's outfit, or cards that is used for one time and disappears.

3) Card slots

Shirt = Character and Caddy card

Pant = Character card only

Headgear = Character card only

Shoe = Caddy card only

There are certain cases where card slots will be different depending on the outfit design. Let's say if one outfit equips on all shirt, pant, and headgear, then there will be 3x Character card and 1x Caddy card on that single piece. As for special cards, they cannot be equipped unlike the Character and Caddy cards. It disappears upon activating it.

Shirt + Pant "Combo" = 2x Character 1x Caddy

Shirt + Headgear "Combo" = 2x Character 1x Caddy

Shirt + Pant + Headgear "Combo" = 3x Character 1x Caddy

4) Card Effects

(N) 1 star - Normal
(R) - 2 star - Rare
(SR) - 3 star - Super Rare
(SC) - 4 star - Secret Rare

Character Cards

#1. Nuri (N) - Character - Spinslot +1

#2. Nuri (R) - Character - Controlslot +1

#3. Hana (N) - Character - Curveslot +1

#4. Hana (R) - Character - Curveslot +2

#5. Hana (SR) - Character - Curveslot +3

#6. Azer (N) - Character - Spinslot +1

#7. Kooh (N) - Character - Powerslot +1

#8. Kooh (R) - Character - Controlslot +1

#9. Cecilia (N) - Character - Accuracyslot +1

#10. Cecilia (R) - Character - Accuracyslot +2

#11. Cecilia (SR) - Character - Accuracy +2 & Curveslot+1

#12. Max (N) - Character - Powerslot +1

#13. Max (R) - Character - Powerslot +1 & Accuracyslot +1

#14. Max (SR) - Character - Powerslot +2 & Accuracyslot +1

#15. Arin (N) - Character - Accuracyslot +1

#16. Arin (R) - Character - Accuracyslot +1 & Curveslot +1

#17. Arin (SR) - Character - Accuracyslot +1 + Curveslot +2

#18. Kaz (N) - Character - Spinslot +1

#19. Kaz (R) - Character - Powerslot +1 & Spinslot +1
Caddy Cards

#20. Papel (N) - Caddy - Success rate increase (low)

#21. Papel (R) - Caddy - Success rate increase (medium)

#22. Pippin (N) - Caddy - Maximum distance increase by +1 yard (low)

#23. Titanboo (R) - Caddy - Speed of wind is decreased by 1m (low)

#24. Lolo (N) - Caddy - Powershot maximum distance is increased by +2 yards (low)

#25. Lolo (R) - Caddy - Powershot maximum distance is increased by +4 yards (medium)

#26. Lolo (SR) - Caddy - Powershot maximum distance is increased by +6 yards (high)

#27. Quma (N) - Caddy - Combo gauge increased at Pangya by +1 pixel (low)

#28. Quma (R) - Caddy - Combo gauge increased at Pangya by +2 pixels (medium)

#29. Cadie (SR) - Caddy - Impact zone increased by +1 pixel (low)

#30. Cadie (SC) - Caddy - Impact zone increased by +2 pixels (medium)
Special Cards

#31. Fundamentals (R) - Special - Adds experience +10

#32. Cocoa's Sweetness (N) - Special - 10% pang boost for 2 hours

#33. Puff's Joy (N) - Special - 10% experience boost for 2 hours

#34. Unknown Card

#35. Pippin's Cheer (N) - Special - Power +1 for 2 hours

#36. Cadie's Steady Magic (R) - Special - Control +1 for 2 hours

#37. Tiki's Blessing (N) - Special - Accuracy +1 for 2 hours

#38. Dolfini's Trick (R) - Special - Spin +1 for 2 hours

#39. Quma's Encouragement (N) - Special - Curve +1 for 2 hours

#40. Caddie Support (R) - Special - Starting power gauge increased for 2 hours

#41. Billy's Bag (SR) - Special - Item slot increased by +1 for 2 hours

5) Question & Answers

Q. Can you remove cards from outfits?
A. No, once you attach the card, you cannot take it off. There is a new system that remove cards on outfits, but it's currently unknown at this point whether it will come on Pangya US. You can check out the card removal system for more details.

Q. Can you place a new card over an existing card attached on the outfits?
A. Yes, you can overlap with a new card. Remember, that the overlap card will disappear if doing so.

Q. Can you equip Special cards on outfits like the Character and Caddy cards?
A. Special cards are treated differently. It's used for one-time only. Special cards can range from gaining an effect for a certain amount of time, or you will receive the effect instantly.

Q. Is it restricted to equip Character cards on specific Characters?
A. No, Character cards can be equipped on any Character. The picture on the cards are just for show.

Q. What are the strongest cards in this card set?

Q. Will more cards be available later on?
A. It's a possibility, yes. There may be a volume 2 card pack on the way with all new cards inside. Think of it as real life booster packs you see in stores that contains their own sets of cards. Don't expect volume 2 pack to come out anytime soon though. Guessing in 3 years? Korea doesn't even have volume 2 card pack yet.

Q. How come I attached several spin cards on my outfit, but my spin stats didn't increase at all?
A. That's because cards only increase the slots. You will have to upgrade to get your extra spin bonus. Pay close attention to the card's description carefully.

Q. How many cards are inside a single card pack?
A. 3

Q. Are there other methods to receive card packs besides purchasing them?
A. According to this post from a GM, the only way to get card packs is in the shop. It looks like there's no way to get "card tickets" from treasure boxes like the other servers.

Q. So what is this card ticket that isn't implemented on Pangya US?

A. A card ticket contain only 1 card inside. Card tickets has three different levels: bronze, silver, and gold. The greater the level, the higher chance to receive a rarer card. You can only get these card tickets from the treasure boxes.

Q. So what's the maximum amount of cards you can equip on a single Character?
A. 3 Character & 2 Caddy cards.

Q. In your opinion, what is the best card setup for a single Character?
A. 3x control card (Character), 1x secret Cadie (Caddy), 1x Titanboo or Quma (Caddy)

Q. When I use a special card with a time limit on it, how will I know how much time is remaining on the card when I use it?

A. There's a card icon on the top right corner. Click on it to reveal how much time your special card will last. The time limit is counted in real time, and even if you log out, the time will still keep going regardless. You cannot cancel the time-limit cards either once activated so you will have to wait until the time is up.

Q. What's the price to purchase a card pack in the shop?
A. 1800 Points ($1.80)

Q. Can you sell or trade cards to people?
A. Since shop is not fully functional, who knows. You'll have to wait until that function comes back where you can start selling items again to find out. As for trading, cards cannot be traded in the mailbox system. Also note that outfits with cards equipped on it cannot be sent in the mailbox system either.

Q. Are there certain restrictions equipping cards on cash and pang outfits?
A. No, you can equip cards on either one of them.

Q. How's the card rate going to get a good rare?
A. It's random. You simply either get lucky or unlucky.

Q. How come other stuff doesn't have card slots like the glove?
A. Because it's not suppose to have card slots on there to begin with.

Q. Does Titanboo card give you 0m wind?
A. No. If normal wind is 1m, you will get 1m regardless.

Q. Can you combine two Caddy cards together to make it stronger?
A. By combining, you mean having the same card effects combined? That won't work. So if you use two Titanboo cards, you will only get the -1m effect. Also, combining Caddy cards with a small and big boost will only take the highest one while the small boost is negated. Here are some examples to make it clearer.

Titanboo + Titanboo = 1m wind effect
Lolo (R) + Lolo (SR) =
+6 yard increase only on powershots
Quma (N) + Quma (N) = +1 pixel bonus on combo gauge

Q. So can you combine Character cards on a single setup?
You can combine or stack Character cards unlike Caddy cards. So you can use three Nuri(R) control card if you like and you will receive a total of Controlslot +3.

Q. What's wrong with card number #34?
A. A card that never was implemented in Korea, so that same concept will apply to Pangya US. Supposedly, I think it's the Pang Pouch special card that gives you a small amount of pang. So remember that #34 is just blank.

Q. Can you use more than one time-limit special cards?

A. Yes, there are no limits on using more than one time-limit cards. You can also extend the time further. So if you use two of the same card now, it will be active for 4 hours.

Q. I want to attach cards on my outfit that I'm wearing now, but I cannot find that outfit on the list to attach the card on. Where is it?
A. The outfits must be unequipped in order to make it selectable to attach cards on it.

Q. What are the pro and cons of this card system?
Pro: Helps improve your game.
Con: Restrict yourself with one Character and one outfit equipped with the best cards in the game. Unless you don't switch outfits or Characters around often, then this nullifies the disadvantage part for you.

Q. Will there be any future items that will have card slots on them?
A. Yes, the headsets that will be available on the Papel lottery shop in the future. It equips on your ear, and it will contain one caddy slot on it.
*Added on 8-16-09*

Q. Can the control stats go over the 30 limit amount when I equip control cards?

A. Yes you can, but going over 30 doesn't make it slower. So if you have a control stats of 33 just like how the picture is shown, treat it like it's 30. (I added control ring, that's why it shows 33/32)

Q. Just for fun, what is the maximum control you can get on the US server?
A. 34 until more future items come out.

Q. Does card effects work on Family mode?
A. It's suppose to, but I'm hearing from players that it's not working. It works fine on the KR server, so it's probably a bug. If you like to practice with your new cards before playing, you can try ghost mode.

Q. Explain in details how card #31 "Fundamentals" works?
A. You gain 10 experience points and the card disappears.

Q. Could I get a visual example of how much the Quma card gives you on the combo gauge?
A. Check it out here. The left picture is a regular Pangya shot, and the right is a Pangya shot with powerspin.
*Added on 8-23-09*

Q. What is a combo gauge?
A. During the game, it's your 3 bar meter on your name card that is used to make a powershot.

Q. What is an impact zone?
A. It's the white line on your Pangya bar to hit a Pangya.

Q. Is there a problem of cards not working like it's suppose to?
A. To be honest, I don't think I've ever encountered this bug before. At some case, this glitch may happen to some of you. If you feel like the cards are not activating properly, try unequip the outfit with the cards on it, and re-equip back again.

Q. Explain in details how card #22 "Pippin" works?
A. This can be treated as a crimson ring, only with a +1 yd bonus. To make it simple, it increases Wood, Iron, and Wedge club distances by +1 yards. Ex. 250 1W drive -> 251 | 180 2I drive -> 181 | 230 2W drive w/powershot -> 241.

Q. Explain in details how card #24-26 "Lolo" works?
A. This only works when you are doing a powershot. So if my 1W drive is 264 and I activate powershot w/Lolo(SR) I would have 274+6 = 280 yd distance. This will also work for every other clubs if you use a powershot.

Q. Explain in details how card #20-21 "Papel" works?
A. It increases the success rate of items such as Generic Nerve Stabilizer & Generic Lucky Pangya from failing on you. Both items have a 30% chance of not working, and these cards are to help improve favorable odds for you.

*If there are any more questions, feel free to comment and I'll be glad to answer it*

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