Monday, August 17, 2009

Pangya Gambling

Most online games promotes gambling in a way to keep you playing. You take a risk in hope of a favorable outcome. Gambling is starting to grow on online games recently. The most common form of gambling is to spend either in-game or real money currency.

In most countries, internet gambling with real money is illegal. You wager your own money without knowing the outcome until it happens. Addiction is another concern that may be beyond your control to stop spending until you win something out of it.

All of this relates to a game that we all love, hate, and play: Pangya

So why do we gamble and take needless risks? A simple answer would be to get the rarest items or cards. That part is mostly true, but some gamble for other various reasons. Players often do it for the thrill or to gain self-esteem. Several loves the sense of anticipation that creates an adrenalin rush to keep them engaged. It's even a great way to pass time too. If that's the case, there are other methods you can gain the same treatment without the use of gamble.

Gambling is simply entertainment. Sometimes you win or lose, that's the true nature of it.

Online games are designed to make money and Pangya is no exception to that. Pangya is free to play, but they need their income to increase the longevity of the game. That's why the gamble system is created. In order to make a gamble system successful, it has to be treated fairly. Instead of the company are the only ones happy with their large amount of income, the players need to be in the same mood as them too. If both sides are happy, then there will be a long term relationship.

Then there are faults that can turn the gamble system into a greed system. The rates are tampered where thousands of players online are spending until they finally win. In this case, the company will receive a huge income from it, but it leaves players in the dust. This kind of business strategy only promotes anger and disappointments to the environment. This also puts a toll on people who do not have the ability to walk away or return back with a greater vengeance to gamble more.

The rates may not be the only concern to worry about, it's mainly about how it works outside of that. If rates are low, and the rares are the only option to win, then there's a problem with that. It needs to be encouraged to let players receive the rares. If the rates won't change, then there needs to be other methods such as events to give away coupons for the lottery or rare items. Or a new system to be implemented to give players hope.

Scratch Cards and Card Holic system are Pangya's greatest income. If more gamble systems are going to be released in the near future, it should be made to make players happy as they spend their own hard earned money. Don't lose control and track your spendings. Keep in mind, if you don’t learn how to handle your own money, Ntreev company will do it for you once it becomes their money.

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