Thursday, September 17, 2009

US Update (9-17-09)

oK! We all have a chance to win. Let's continue on.

There may be a high chance to win one of the mediocre Duostar items.

There may be a good chance to receive a Ventus coupon that you can use as a raffle ticket for a chance to win either a random Scratchy or Papel rare on the current set. You can stock up on these coupons for a higher chance of your ticket being drawn at the end of the event.

Then, there may be a very low chance to win a rainbow feather.

You get 1 random prize per day gifted to your mailbox. It will reset the next day (PDT). You can repeat the Daily Mission more than once.

There may be a high chance to win a Rainbow Feather for a random Character.

Then, there may be a very low chance to win one of those old eCard Clubset (released back during OGP times)

Mission 1: Simply play 30 VS game. It can be 3 holes if you want to finish it faster.

Mission 2: Just think of a hole that's flat enough to where you can make a long putt. Don't fail to much since it cannot go below a par.

Mission 3: Just break a new record.

Mission 4: No need for an explanation, just make 30 eagles. HiO on par 3 is not an eagle in case you are thinking that.

Mission 5: Basically do 18 hole VS or Tourney on all the courses. This mission will take the longest to finish. I recommend you start on this mission first, as it works your way to completing your other four missions as well.

You only get 1 random prize gifted once the event is over. So unlike the Daily Mission, you cannot repeat this mission more than once.

Finally, a new motion item. This will be Pangya US 2nd motion item to be released. OGPlanet only released Azer's motion item. All of the motion items will work the same. For Nuri, there will be 3 different choices of hoverboards to choose from, and the only differences are the colors. Lastly, outfits for several Characters will be released in the shop.

WT-GreenLine, WT-OrangeSlip, WT-RedPremium (for Nuri only)
Stats: Accuracy +1 Spin +1. Hit Pangya for 3 bonus pang & miss Pangya for 2 bonus pang. Increases treasure point rate. Drops two event items instead of one. New Tee and Albatross/HiO animation. Animation video demo.


Where have I seen an event like this before? Oh yeah, it's almost identical to Korea's event back on June. So I can almost explain my experience with their event that may be similar to Pangya US.

For the Daily Missions, I won just a handful of those coupons, but mostly all I got was those Duostar items. The Dolfini headset were very hard to win too. I would recommend concentrating on Timed Mission - Mission 5. You can do two full tournaments, and then do a quick 3 hole with someone to complete your daily mission while you get closer to finishing the Time Mission. That's what I did.

As for the Timed Mission, the clubsets are the big prize, but there's a slim chance of winning it. So you will most likely win the Rainbow feather for {you guessed it} a random Character. I did see a small amount of players winning those clubs on Korea, but I wouldn't get too excited to think the winning rate between the clubset and feathers are equal. Not to mention you can only get 1 prize from this, and that's the end of it. As for the rates, let's see how it turns out on US server.