Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pangya US Gacha Launched

Pangya US has released yet another lottery system on their server today. Will this overhaul Gacha system be able to answer to all the complaints and disappointments in the past?

Pangya scratch rares has always been a huge controversial issue not only Ntreev US, but on OGPlanet in the past as well. We are talking about price, rates, and fairness. So how does this the new Gacha system solve this dilemma? Well let's break it down.

● Price
You need to purchase Gacha coins with real money currency. Each coin costs $2, but if you purchase larger bundles you will receive bonus coins so it's worth buying the expensive package to get your money's worth. The price is steep, but that all depends on the outcome that you can read on the next part below.

● Rates
There is a high probability of getting a rare than the previous scratch systems ever to release so far. I do remember back on OGPlanet's eCard system when they released Fairy Ears, I had to spend at least $50-60 for one ear each. You do the math how much I've spent in the end. You pay more, but you earn a higher chance of obtaining the rare. I much prefer that than spending small amounts with hardly any chance of winning at all.

● Fairness
You cannot trade, sell, or buy Gacha rares. That may be disappointing to some of you, but I'm not bothered with it. You cannot win duplicate rares unlike the Scratchy system so that's a big plus. Another great thing is that if you don't receive a rare, you do win some useful items out of it. Items such as Auto Calipers, XP items, Comet balls, and more.

So there are 6 Gacha Comets to choose before the lottery sets out to determine what you will receive. I doubt there's a pattern to picking the right Comet ball since I believe it's just for show, but I could be wrong. The flash video on the Gacha system is decent considering that it's exclusive on Pangya US. It's too bad that players who hated Black Papel lottery will have to see this greedy bag on here too. ;;

Both Scratchy and Gacha will remain on the server as it is. That's actually pretty interesting that you can purchase Gacha coins, and earn Scratchy cards at the same time. I suppose Scratchy rares will still continue to release random sets, and the rates are still lowered as usual.

As for my overall impression, I am liking the new Gacha system. It's definitely an improvement than the eCard and Scratchy system. The big question is how often will a new Gacha rare be introduced? If they follow a typical pattern, it should be once per month. We've seen that Scratchy system has taken a long time to update to their 2nd set, but that system is probably a leftover lottery machine to get rares. If they unitize both Gacha and Scratchy to release newer rares, there's a distinct chance of them to catch up to Korea and Japan servers. If I were them, I would release the best scratch rares on the Gacha system, and the others that are mediocre, put them in the Scratchy system.

It's a good step in the right direction. Now how about those other problems like foreign languages, script kiddies, events, and bugs? Players won't mind spending money on your new Gacha system, but if the community morale doesn't improve, then it's back to square one again.