Wednesday, September 9, 2009

KR Update (9-10-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on September 10th from 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM. Eastern time will be from 7:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM on September 11th. A total of 3 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 11:00 AM (10:00 PM EDT).

Content Update
1) New Course Launch
- Eastern Valley 16th Course updates

2) New Theme
- Eastern Valley will appear in background when logging in

3) Kimono Outfits on Sale
- Japanese Kimono for all Characters
- Limited two week sales period

4) New Course Opening Event
- Hole drop Event
- Bulletin Board Screenshot Event
- Blog entry pertaining to new course
- Playthough reward event
- Event period: 9/10 ~ 10/6

Content Remove
1) Ribbon Title
- Title removal
- Screenshot ribbon logo removal

Event 1 - Hole Drop Event

● Period: September 10th ~ October 6th

● Information
Only on Eastern Valley, you may receive a raffle ticket popping out from the hole. You can use these tickets for a chance to win prizes in a random drawing contest. You must first log-in to the site, and then go here to the lottery page.

There are a total of 8 prizes, but it will be broken down into 4 categories with 2 prizes on each slot. There is a time limit on each categories where players can only submit their tickets until time is up to move on to the next set. Since a majority of you do not live in Korea, go for the in-game items instead. There are no limits on the amount of entries so the more times you use your ticket on the one you want, the higher chances of winning.


Prize 1: iRiver MP4 Player (x1)
Prize 2: Rainbow Fairy Wings (x10)
Duration: September 10th ~ 15th
Ends: September 16th
Prize 1: Logitech WavePro Keyboard + Mouse Sets (x1)
Prize 2: Rune Fairy Wings (x10)
Duration: September 17th ~ 22nd
Ends: September 23rd

Prize 1: Nintendo Wii + WiiFit Package (x1)
Prize 2: Exceed Voice Clubs (x10)
Duration: September 24th ~ 29th
Ends: September 30th

Prize 1: LG 23-inch LCD Monitor (x1)
Prize 2: 37th Scratch Set (x10)
Duration: October 1st ~ 6th
Ends: October 7th

● Notice
- Recommend using Internet Explorer to properly view the event page
- In-game items will be gifted for a random Character (excluding clubset)

Event 2 - BBS Event

● Period: September 10th ~ 24th / Winner announcement: September 30th

● Information
As you play and explore the new course, why not take several screenshots along the way? The picture can be anything as you like as long as both your own Character, mascot bands, and Eastern Valley course are involved. Screenshots are to be uploaded to the bulletin board located here on their website. Do not forget to log-in to upload your picture.

The best shots will be handpicked and announced as the winner. The winners will receive a prize listed below from greatest to least. There are a total of 14 prizes to be given out.

iRiver MP4 Player (x1)
Portable MP3 Player (x3)
5000 Won Certificate (x10)

● Notice
- Put [삼박자] as your topic title to show that the picture is uploaded for the contest.
- The mascot bands must be included in the screenshot as well to count
- Your nickname needs to be visible on the image to count
- Submit only one screenshot
- You can take a screenshot with the F11 key

Event 3 - Blog entry pertaining to new course

● Period: September 10th ~ October 6th / Winner announcement: October 12th

● Information
GM Rami will create a topic over on the bulltin board here for players to submit their own blog entries relating to the new release of Eastern Valley. Just post your URL down, and hope that he like yours the best. There are 13 prizes to be given out if you are selected as a winner.

Philips Bluetooth Headset (x1)
Sony Bluetooth Headset (x2)
10,000 Won Certificate (x10)

● Notice
- It ends on October 6th at 6:00 PM
- Five Won Certificate will be picked that are listed on Naver site. The remaining prizes will be picked by the staff.

Event 4 - Playthough reward event

● Period: September 10th ~ October 6th

● Information
Play a full 18 hole game on Eastern Valley and you will receive x20 Auto Calipers, x20 Time Boosters, and x10 Power Potions(+15yd). It will be gifted to your mailbox system once you have completed it. This will go on until the last day of the event.

● Notice
- You can only obtain this gift once per day.

Update 1 - Eastern Valley Launched

There's no need to repeat myself about this course again. I believe you heard enough about it. If not, you can check back my previous posts. It should have all the juicy details you need to know about this course.

Update 2 - Japanese Kimono Sets

When Japan launched Eastern Valley, they released the Hanbok Korean outfits to go with the course's oriental theme. Now Korea will receive the new course along with the Japanese Kimono outfits. So both Korea and Japan has swapped their traditional dresses from each other. But in this case, it makes sense because either of their counterpart traditional dress has ever released on their server.

Kimono outfits are available for all Characters! These outfits won't last long so players will have to make up their mind to get what they want in two weeks. If any of you are interested in these dresses, just send me an e-mail and we'll work something out. I've always wanted Hana's Kimono dress ever since I watched TSURARA's BL superplay video on YouTube. That was around three years ago!

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