Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top 10 Fav. Female Fighters (6-10)

I have a tendency to play with female Characters, especially in fighting games. Guys like us usually pick a female Character for their voluptuous bust and good looks only. That part is true for most of us, but I also like to choose the ones that has a certain charm to me. There are other instances where I end up playing better with that Character regardless of gender.

I questioned myself of which female Characters I like the best. So I made a list of my top 10 personal favorite women in fighting games.

I'm not going to pick my favorite female Character in the same series more than once to avoid repetition. So that way we can see more variety. Today, I will only list the bottom tier first.

#10 Saki Tsuzura from Arcana Heart

This blue-haired brawler is known to be a great balance fighter and easy to play with. She's mainly called, "The Maiden with a noble heart." She is 14-years-old and her favorite subject is Math, Science, and English. Her worst subject is Art. She has been friends with Heart since childhood.

I mainly picked Saki because she was quite fun to play with. She may have a gloomy face from the other Arcana fighters, but I think she's... cute? Not as cute as Heart, but that's fine. I wouldn't get on her bad side, she knows how to kick. And you wouldn't want her to kick you in the area where you would lose your only manhood pride.

#9 Asuka Kazama from Tekken

Asuka received training of the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts from her father. So this brash high school student is born with a strong sense of justice. She is 17-years-old and she hates cocky people to the point where she will get involved no matter if it has nothing to do with her.

She was introduced in Tekken 5, and she continues to make her appearance in the upcoming series. You can't button mash with her, so knowing her combo tricks is the best way to make her a formidable fighter. She is a bit arrogant, but deep down she can be sweet. Maybe that's why I like her?

#8 Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers

Morrigan is a succubus, which merely means a female demon seeking sexual activity with a man to feasts on their souls. Her dark powers were so great that some were sealed away. Some of her powers were transferred to another succubus named Lilith. She will sometimes go to the human world to seek some entertainment.

Morrigan definitely takes the word sexiness for sure. Her outfit is very exotic, but how does she keep those melons from popping out! Her and Lilith are hot, but it was easy that Morrigan is the winner because of her boing-boings.

#7 Pai Chan from Virtua Fighter

She is was born on Hong Kong where she learned her martial arts called Mizongyi. Her favorite pastime is dancing. When the fighting series started she was 18, but in the 5th installment she is now 32-years-old.

She's a famous star of a movie action film in Hong Kong. Her father trained her, and her mother died due to stress. Pai was devastated that her father (Lau) was to blame so she is determined to defeat him for revenge. But that all changed when her father became ill and needed a successor in his marital art school. Overall she's a very talent person that hardly shows any weakness. That's what I like about her.

#6 Noel Vermillion from Blazblue

She is tasked by the NOL Intelligence Chief Hazama with tracking down somebody. She processes a large handgun called the Bolverk which helps in chaining combos together. Watch out for her Distortion Drive as she transform her duo-handguns into one giant machine gun.

She's an interesting fighter, but she is fairly weak. That doesn't matter unless you can bring out her full potential of crazy chain combos together. I like her fighting style and her appearance. No matter if someone else is better than her, I still use her as my favorite.

The top 6~10 is out of the way so I will finish up the rest sometime this week. If you think the bottom tier list looks good, wait till you see my top 5! Any guesses on which female Characters might be on my top list? Comment away.