Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gametree Service

On August 31st, Ntreev Korea company revealed a teaser site of their project called Gametree. The teaser site displayed a few lineup of games, including Pangya KR. Now today, Gametree is scheduled to officially open after maintenance to last seven eight (delay) hours.

The name "Gametree" comes from a variety of games on a single tree. As time progresses, the tree will continue to grow bigger and stronger. This is what they hope to accomplish with their service. In the near future, more new lineup of games are planned to be distributed such as Koei's Three Kingdoms Online, a baseball game, and much more. Mobile and flash games are also planned to be released as well to strengthen more genre and simple platform games.

In times like this, Ntreev cannot run the game on its own. With Gametree's service, they will do their best to provide a great experience for their players.