Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starting to Twitter

As you can tell already, I've started on using Twitter. I've been hearing about it for so long that I decided to try it out too. I do not think my twitter page is completed the way I want it yet so it's still in the process for improvements. Most of you are probably familiar with how Twitter works. I'm still new to this since I just started this week, but so far it's very intuitive to me.

So what I'll mostly post on twitter are things about what's happening around me. I will also include Pangya related materials along with my achievements on Pangya KR. I could also use it as some sort of a sneakpeek preview on what I'm about to post on my site.

I'll still continue posting on my SLGaming site regularly, but all the little stuff that I may want to share can go into my twitter comments instead. You can expect lots of interesting "tweets" from me so be sure to check it out often and see what's going on with me.