Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KR Update (7-16-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server and website maintenance on July 16th from 7:00 ~ 10:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 6:00 ~ 9:00 PM on July 15th. A total of 3 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 10:00 AM (9:00 PM EDT).

Hot Summer Update
1) 35th Scratch Rare
2) Hot Summer Specials on Sale
3) Pangya Bingo Event
4) Titanboo Plush
5) Re-release Nickname Change

#1 - 35th Scratch Rare

"Tag, you're it!!" - Everyone
"Boo-hoo... you are so mean!!" - A sobbing Lucia

This year will mark the third swimsuit set to come out on the scratch card system. The swimwear outfits will be released for Lucia, Hana, Max, Azer, and Arin. The other four characters not receiving this set may be released in the next set? We'll find out next month.

If you pay close attention to Max's hair, it looks like they will finally be able to release that piece. That hairstyle has been shown since the Season 4 promotion trailer. Then later, we see that hairstyle on the waiter outfit that never got released. So maybe now, they will finally release that piece that we've seen over a year ago.

I really like to get Azer's swimsuit, it fits him really well and the design is well done. Both Hana and Arin looks nice too, but I have to see the backside to get my full impression on it first, keke. The hat gives them a nice shade from the hot scorching sun. And finally, Lucia gets a bikini with a short skirt on top of it. It also comes with a new hairstyle. It's surprising she doesn't want to get more bare for this year, but if the swimsuit doesn't fit your bill, the hairstyle is worth alone to add to your collection anyways to mix with variety of her other outfits.

Some scratch rare swimsuits will have the option to change the outfit on Cadie's Magic Box.

#2 - Hot Summer Specials on Sale

It's time to get those summer sales goin'. Last year swimsuit outfits and accessories will be available in the shop for a limited time. To top it off, these swimsuits will be marked down 20% from the original cost. The watermelon aztec ball will also be available in the shop, and the price will be marked down to 50% of the cost. All of this will be on sale from now until September 1st.

The Watermelen Aztec sale is very tempting to stock up due to it's good price reduction. The effect is the same as the Water Phoenix that you gain 1 extra pang for each bounce. It's a little difficult to see your spin marker is set on seven, but there are other methods you can use to be sure of it. I just may buy a bundle of them. Sadly, the old Season 3 swimsuit will not be available to purchase.

#3 - Pangya Bingo Event

Simply have fun playing 18 holes on tournament or vs mode to receive one stamp. The stamp will be placed on your bingo board on a random number. Once you get a bingo, the prize will be sent to your gift box. The prizes that you can win are listed below:

1x Golden Air Knight Clubset
1x Lucia's Magical Outfit Set
2x Lily Flower
20x Chestnut (x2 exp)
20x Duostar PS
20x Duostar SS
20x Duostar LS

You have a possible chance to win up to 12 times. The event will last from now until August 4th.

* If you leave early using the Tiki scroll, you have to wait until the round ends before you will receive your stamp.
* It's possible the stamp will overlap the one that is already placed on the board

#4 - Titanboo Plush

On the main site, you can see a small banner on the right side where they are selling Titanboo plushie for around 40k won. In addition, you will also receive a 100 cookie gift to enter the code on the cookie payment screen.

#5 - Re-release Nickname Change

On July 13th, GM Rami has announced that they will be re-releasing the nickname change system again. This function was disabled back when Hanbitsoft company left due to contract term. This news has delighted many players who enjoyed changing their nickname often once they are bored with their current name. However, there is a catch in the system that turned everyone's smile upside down.

GM Rami has spoken 5 things about the re-release system that I will list below here. Rami's words will be written in purple to match with her gender role.

1) Once a new nickname has been changed, you cannot re-change it again until 7 days has passed.

2) This new nickname system will be implemented when it's released this week on July 16th. ^-^

3) You may visit our homepage where you can input a new nickname there to see if it's available without having to log into the game server. ♀

4) The previous cost to change nickname was 5 cookies, but this change will be raised to 49 cookies now. This change may be surprising at first, but please understand that we are providing this function for the purpose of protecting your privacy in the game. :O

I believe you see why the players are not happy with this. The huge price increase to change your nickname is simply: absurd. Players who loved to change their nicknames so many times before will now be limited due to this unpleasant change. Has Ntreev finally shown their true side of greed?

But let's not forget that players with PC Bang will have the benefits to change their nickname for free! So maybe this high price change is not so bad after all. Oh, but let me continue since I mentioned GM Rami stated 5 things about the system. Now on to #5.

5) The benefit of free nickname change will be excluded from the PC Bang features. ☠

Yeah, I'm sure you know what happens next after that shocking expression. But I'll leave that to your imagination. The feedback from most players are negative of course, and this is what some of them have to say about it:

"No surprise for the increase price. Other games require 5,000 or 10,000 won to change name." - Rich Korean kid who is not helping at all

"This creates a way for players to scam someone and change the name now. Better to not implement at all..." - An annoyed Korean

" My suggestion would be to charge 10-15 cookies, free nickname change from PC Bang not available, and next nickname change limit is 15 or 30 days long to prevent fraud." - A concerned Korean

"49 cookies? This is a joke right? You are trying to improve privacy, but instead you make it worse to encourage scam." - An angry Korean who probably does lots of trading

"This can't improve protection of our accounts to change our nickname if we can still see their username on the guild page section!" - A wise Korean

"Now 5 cookies is a suitable price. Everyone agree? Why not allow people to see username on info like before? Why block that because of privacy. 7 days waiting to change is good to avoid robbery, but the price is like -_-;. I understand 5 -> 10 increase, but 5 -> 49? - A Korean who talks to much

Scam and stolen accounts is a problem that many online games has to endure, and Pangya is no exception. Back then when Hanbitsoft was publishing the game, even if you changed your nickname so many times, the user name on their info will remain the same. This has changed when Ntreev took over to hide the username info to prevent account theft. It's a bold move, but thanks to that, if you change your nickname, your name on your info will change too. Scammers could take advantage of the system, even at the high cost of 49 cookies would be worth depending on the value of the rare. That's probably why they have raised the price due to this.

The next day, an official announcement was posted concerning about the nickname change system. They have listened to their players, and they apologize for disappointing them. They explained that a lot of accounts got stolen because of their username exposed and crack the password.

Since nickname change can be dangerous to do item trades with strangers, they go on to talk about releasing a trading 1:1 system to solve the solution. They also mention that free nickname change will be available for everyone from now until August 4th. After that, you will be charged to change your nickname.

* Free nickname change till 8-4-09
* If you changed your nickname for free, you have to wait next week if you decide you want to change it again