Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pangya US Season 4 Launch

I would Zero Fill her Love anytime : )

Pangya USA will finally be bringing a new season for their fourth edition. The server downtime is approximately 24 hours long. When I say "approximately," the time will be vary so be expected of that. There will be no need for beta testing the new season either. Finally, when Season 4 is ready to launch, you may experience a few bugs that got transitioned from the developers from Korea. Be sure to be ready for that.

Downtime Schedule
7-9 6:00 AM (EDT) ~ 7-10 6:00 AM (EDT)

So while you wait for the new season. What can you expect from this grand update? Well, quite a lot. I'll make a list the best I can on what you will be expecting now, and later in the near future.

US launch update

New Layout Design

A new user interface will be refined to give it a new fresher look. Most of the design will still exist from Season 3, but you will notice a few new changes while you browse through the new system.

New Character: Lucia
This spoiled 17-year-old girl who doesn't know what a bra is will be the next new Character on Pangya island. She's always a happy girl that loves jewelry and sparkling gems. Pangya players who plans to use this expensive girl will need to prepare to invest a lot money to keep her maintained and stylish. Her initial launch should come with two cookie sets, and one pang set. She costs 35,000 pang to purchase.

New Course: Lost Seaway
The next 15th course is underway, Lost Seaway that is. The course difficulity is ranked low, so all players will be able to enjoy this bizarre course. Veteran players can take the usual approach to chip-in while newcomers can use the gate portals to launch their ball further. Be cautious that the portals will help you at times, but it can also mess you up so be careful. This course is all about trial and error to work around with the gate portals to your advantage. Players can also use the gate portals from the tee to receive a fair amount of overdrive bonus for freebie pangs.

Course Difficulty Rearranged
Most of the courses will have their difficulty changed for the best result possible. The biggest change is that the previous 1-3 star rank will now become 1-5 to make it easier to rate all the courses properly.

New Experience Bonuses
To reward players for playing a harder course, players will receive experience points based on the course's difficulity level.

Requirement Level Lowered
The experience points required to receive a new title has been lowered significantly. This change will only affect those who are Pro E and below. Levels higher than that will remain the same as Season 3's experience point requirements.

Season 3
Rookie A -> Beginner E = 168
Beginner A -> Junior E = 445
Junior A -> Senior E = 990
Senior A -> Amateur E = 2898
Amateur A -> Semi-Pro E = 5742
Semi-Pro A -> Pro E = 9720

Season 4
Rookie A -> Beginner E = 100
Beginner A -> Junior E = 213
Junior A -> Senior E = 491
Senior A -> Amateur E = 1224
Amateur A -> Semi-Pro E = 2346
Semi-Pro A -> Pro E = 6480

Camera Angles
There's a small change on the camera angle movement from the tee shot area. In Season 4, more new animations are on the way from the motion items.

Self Matching System
You can customize what kind of players you are allowed in your room. You can arrange different ranks to your liking to play with player with the same skill level as you. Friends on your buddy list can automatically come into your room easier with the new system too.

Treasure System
Treasure system is a new feature on Season 4 to receive bundle of items based on your overall performance. There will be a treasure meter shown on each hole to keep track on how many points you have accumulated. Once the round is over you will receive a handful of items based on how many treasure points you earned. You will also gain bonus points depending on your drop rate items, course difficulty, and the course popularity.

Powershot Missing System
If a performed powershot fails to hit a Pangya, the powershot will still activate regardless. However, be known that a missed powershot may create a huge slice on the ball, making the ball fly irregularly when it's launched in the air.

My Real Room System
Your own private little room where you can run around and add furniture. There will also be a safebox to store your valuable items and pangs in a 4 digit num-lock. The room also features a gifting system that you can gift item to your friends by paying a small pang fee. And also you can check to see if you received any gifts too. There's plenty to see in the new "my room" revamped system.

New Tutorial Mode + Rookie Channel Update -new-
They finally brought the new tutorial mode and the new revamped rookie server update that was supposed to appear way back in Season 3.

All players can do each tutorial mission to receive prizes gifted to your account. There are two great prizes for doing the tutorial, Lucky Air Knight Clubset and Papel Caddie (if you haven't gotten it already).

Lucky Air Knight grants you a large pangya zone with the exception of having zero power stats. This club can only be equipped if you are a Beginner A or below.

The new Rookie server will be the place where newcomers should play to get the feel for the game. All winds will be 1-3m, hole cup size are bigger, and courses are restricted to play on 1 star difficulty only. Also, if Pangya US got this implemented, you can only get a maximum of 5000 pang per round.

Black Papel Shop Changed -new-
Black Papel Shop will now carry Tiki scrolls available to win in the lottery. Also, you gamble as many times as you want since it's unlimited. It's just like the same as Korea, which means the winning rates will be extremely low. So that does explain why the rates were so low when Ntreev US launched Pangya in Season 3. kekeke~

US Season 4 Coming Soon

Self Design System and Clothes
The Self Design system is used to draw designs on outfits for your favorite Characters. You can proudly wear your designed outfit to show off in the game, or sell it to other people.

Ghost Mode
Shot data will be recorded when you play a full 18 hole round. You click on a player's profile where you can find a new ghost mode button to view what that person has played. You can play the ghost version of other players or yourself. Be known that this mode may become buggy at some point where it'll crash the game, or make that data disappear forever. When you finish the round, you have the extra option to rapidly click on the pang bag to receive more bonus pangs. Once the round is over, a golden lock will show that you have completed that ghost round and you cannot go back to it until the next day. Some items such as time boosters, auto-calipers, power potions, etc will be consumed in ghost mode. You may also use your own time boosters to boost through the ghost's play, but remember that it consumes your boosters too.

New Approach Mode
A new upgrade from Season 3's approach mode. Instead of receiving pang, you will be earning items from the new treasure system. The concept of getting close to the hole is still there. You are not competing in this mode only for yourself, but you will need to cooperate to other players too. This mode is all about receiving treasure boxes, and there are two ways on receiving it. Either get closer to the hole than anyone, or follow the mission objectives.

Missions can range for specific players only to everybody. Some missions provide exclusive rewards toward to their equipment, while some have missions where people have to work together so everyone can receive the boxes.

Card System
The card system adds another layer of extra benefits that can improve your game. There are different types of cards that either equips on your Character's outfit, or a card that is used for one time only and disappears. There are time limit cards that will last for 2 real-time hours upon activation. The time limit effect on the card will disappear when time is up.

New Replay System
Normally, the tape will replay your shot and that's the end of it. The new replay system will now record everything you do on that hole with the cost of a single replay tape. It will be stored in your inventory that you can watch your replay as many times as you want. You can only store 10 replay data per account. The replay data will be stored on your Pangya folder. It does not record the actual video, but it saves all of your shot data in the system so the file size is not heavy.

Well I think I pretty much listed what to expect from Season 4. Most of the new stuff (excluding self-design and approach mode) that are coming soon are acceptable. When Korea launched Season 4, there were new stuff that got added in the system later on. There are some modes that may need more time to test and translate too. Give Pangya US time to evolve to complete all that Season 4 has to offer.

Pangya Season 4 KR Guide
Season 4 closed-beta preview video
Lucia gameplay in action 1|2

I'm available at anytime to answer questions about Season 4. Take it from a veteran player who has played Season 4 for over a year already.