Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DI Grinding Tips

DI? = Deep Inferno
Grinding? = Experience points
Tips? = To gain exp points quicker


Now that Season 4 has launched, the new system will give more experience points if you play a difficult course. There are only two courses with the highest difficulty: Wind Hill and Deep Inferno. Between the two, Deep Inferno is the fastest and the easiest way to earn experience points than Wind Hill.

Korean players have organized their own methods to host their own rooms to gain experience points fast. I like to share how their strategy works so you may get an understanding on how they do it. You might not follow exactly as they do, but if it gives you some ideas from their methods, that will do just fine. This guide is all about getting the round done as fast as possible.

Things to bring with you

1) Time Boosters
The biggest essential to speed up the game.

2) 250 or more drive distance
You will need a decent drive to reach the green easier.

3) Power Potions and items to help you hit Pangya easier
You may need power potions for both Hole 2 and 3. As a precaution, go ahead and bring the lucky star item with you so that will save lots of times if you hit Pangya consistently.

4) Auto-Calipers (optional)
This will decrease the time it takes to make your shot. Especially if you need the right power-cut for Hole 2 without having to manually get the percentage just right that will take up more time.

5) x2 Exp items, 20% mascot, 10% card (card not released yet/optional)
Make your time worth spent. Add more bonus towards earning experience points.

6) Pot of coffee and adult diapers (if you are a super serial player/optional)
Be sure you are prepared to sit on that chair until you pass out. Careful, you might not wake up from it either. Maintain your health.

Host Room Rules

1) Room name
Be sure to set the room name properly so players will know what the prerequisites are to enter. It's your room, you can set the rules how ever you please. If they do not follow, they can play in a different room. Make the name simple like: x2/40 sec/toma. x2 is simply time boosters. 40 sec means that the time limit is set on 40 seconds per shot. Lastly, Toma can be referred to only do Tomahawk shots only.

If people name their rooms the same with other people, they will catch on to understand what it means (like 4 & go for example).

2) Special Shot Restriction Rule
A rule that you can create to limit powershots to Tomahawks only. There are two reasons for this. First, if a player accidentally miss hitting a Spike shot from the tee on Hole 2, the ball will most likely land outside of the green that will cost more time in the game. A missed Tomahawk is not as harsh and it'll have a higher chance landing on the green to save time.

Secondly, players can abuse spike shot from the tee on Hole 3. This will give them a good amount of overdrive pang that can get them in 1st place if all players end with the same score. This action will force almost everyone to perform a spike shot, and there's a chance that they may miss hitting a spike shot that will land in a poor spot.

3) Point-Click-Shoot Rule
You can set the rule to where everyone must shoot within a certain amount of seconds. If you play holes 1 ~ 3 long enough, you'll automatically know how much power to hit to make your shot instantly. At this point, it does not matter what position you place at the end. If all the players play fast each round, you are gaining more experience points than taking the time to make a chip-in. An example would be that players must shoot within 15 seconds on the clock.

Personal Preference Tips

1) Set to 7 spin
Set your spin stats on 7. It may save the time to set the spin correctly when attempting to HiO on Hole 2.

2) Caddy Removal
Removes animation time from your caddy when making a putt.

3) Lower Control
If you are confident hitting Pangya with low control, you can speed up your pangya bar to make the shot. However, if you use auto-calipers, this may not be necessary.

4) Closer to hole
Make sure you remember or write notes on how much power to hit on each hole to get close to the cup. It's better than having to putt far away, and a chance that you may even miss the putt. Extra benefit for getting close to the hole will receive more pang from "Nice Approach" bonus for a high chance to get into 1st place if no one chips.

5) Hole 3 fairway
Hole 3 is a good chance to gain overdrive pang to move your position up from other players.

6) Plan your shot during break
While you wait for your opponent to make the shot, go ahead and plan your shot before it's your turn. Not only it will save time, but you may even chip it in too.

7) Powershot more often if necessary
Not only this makes it almost accurate to get closer to the cup, but you will also gain bonus pang for using a powershot itself. Pang plays an important role to determine what place you will be positioned at the end of the round.

That's about all I can think off. There may be other unique ways to make it easier to gain experience points. This is a basic list on how Korea does their Deep Inferno rounds. As for Pangya US, it's all up to the community on how to handle it. But like I said earlier, you don't have to follow their footsteps. You could follow exactly like it, or get some general ideas from it. That's the purpose of this post today.