Saturday, July 11, 2009

JPN: Vocaloid Event Review

The Vocal series has finally come to an end this week on Pangya Japan. Lots of great outfits were released along with some new remixes from Pangya. There are two Vocaloid events that happened last year and the one that just ended now.

Here's a review on what they have released on two Vocaloid events. Remix songs will be available to download for a limited time. You can also click on the thumbnail banners to view it larger.

Vocaloid Event 1
Event duration: May 22nd ~ June 12th (2008)

Release date: 5-22-08

+ Hatsune Miku collaboration w/Kooh
+ CVS01 Miku costume on sale limited time
+ "A Shiny Day" remix

Release date: 5-29-08

+ Hatsune Miku collaboration w/Negi Clubset
+ Negi leek clubset available in Gachapon lottery
+ "Bunny Picnic" remix

Release date: 6-5-08

+ Kagamine Rin collaboration w/Erika (Hana)
+ CVS02 Rin costume on sale limited sale
+ "Revive" remix

Release date: 6-12-08

+ Kagamine Len collaboration w/Ken (Nuri)
+ CVS02 Len costume on sale limited time
+ "Crystal Lake" remix

Vocaloid Event 2
Event duration: June 4th ~ July 9th

Release date: 6-4-09

+ Megurine Luka collaboration w/Arin
+ CVS03 Luka costume on sale limited time
+ "nowhere" remix

Release date: 6-11-09

+ Re-release costumes from last year
+ Kooh (Miku), Rin (Erika), and Len (Ken) costume on sale limited time
+ "Bunny Picnic" magical lunchbox mix

Release date: 6-25-09

+ MEIKO collaboration w/Cecilia
+ KATIO collaboration w/Kaz
+ Sound MEIKO Saki collaboration w/Lucia
+ Cecilia (MEIKO), Kaz (KATIO), and Lucia (MEIKO Saki) costume on sale limited time
+ "Crystal lake" - 273k mix - (6-18 update)
+ "Snowscape" yks remix feat. MEIKO and KAITO

Release date: 7-2-09

+ "revive" prayer for the planet mix
+ "a shiny day" the Sun, the miracle aztec
+ Vocaloid wallpaper download
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The only Characters that are missing the Vocaloid outfits are Bob and Max. Who knows if there will be a third Vocaloid event next year. We'll have to wait next year to find out. Psst, bring Arin's Luka outfit to Korea soon oK?

* a shiny day & a shiny day the Sun, the miracle aztec is basically the same
* revive remix & revive prayer for the planet mix is basically the same
* bunny picnic & bunny picnic magical lunchbox mix is basically the same